The Way of Death

Pam couldn’t believe that she had actually gone through with it

You know how when you have a nightmare where you keep falling into infinite darkness. That sinking feeling in your tummy that only intensifies, reverberating pressure until you cant take any more. You let a breath escape and voila, your bladder has found its playground and it’s ever so warm. That was Pam’s state. She felt like she was swimming in a stranger’s spread of urine, and yet it wasn’t over. It had barely begun

Time became a blur. Condolences sounded like slurs, slanderous almost to her hardened ears. The dozen faces seemed like animated versions of the programs her kids were always watching on Cartoon Network

She could only stare lifelessly at her husband’s, scratch that, her dead ex husband’s grotesque lifeless body, what was left of it anyway what with his decapitated head, burnt down body parts and what not. Viewing the body was such a numbing experience that she felt like she was practising for the stillness of death herself

This must be how the dead feel, she reasoned. People in a haze steady milling about, the bare fraction of them that were hardly recognizable being the most dramatic with their extended wails and frantic, drawn out ululations. What was it about death that spelled gloom and doom so damn loud

She remembered all the past good times that they had shared, marital bliss that she still maintained was the greatest period in both their lives, as narcissistic as it may sound staring at his now cold limp self. Why did he have to go and ruin that special feeling? Why did he have to leave mouth watering home cooked dinner and dine out on fatty cheeseburgers and Sonford chicken fried in transformer oil

He derserved his fate. Maybe it was a bit more gruesome but the call had to be made. It was the only way. This was a much needed step to her healing and recovery process

She snapped out of her trance just in time to see the investigators approaching her hand in hand with the former help that turned out to be her replacement in the heart of her dearly departed

Miss-goody-two-shoes, never-broke-any-rules Pam got back in action. Her alter stone face had gone with the wind that threatened to blew her dead husband’s ashes

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