Vaguely Important Person

another day the sun is out

another vague church harambee looms in the open

not without your favorite politician, never that

His beady eyes dancing over his shiny forehead

oversized teeth gleaming

a sharp contrast to his black as sin skin

seated at the helm of the stand, this vaguely important person

patiently awaits the opening acts to his main show

speaking of his praises, his eminence

how he’s been working hard from his carpeted air-conditioned office in the very cosmopolitan city filled with cartels and deviants

yet how noble and generous to take his time out

from his very busy schedule;

so many nationally important breakfast meetings and power lunches

to sweeping siestas and fiestas so ferocious that sometimes a college girl from the party ends up with body parts missing

without a twinge of guilt, he loves the applause of how down to earth he is when he showers his people with offerings and tithes

how he relates with the common mwananchi’s plight

his ears start tweaking and perk up

can’t help the hearty cackle when he finally hears

Mheshimiwa is our saviour. What would we do without him? The second coming of our lord, he is!’

And him, such the devout acclaimed public christian, slaps his thigh and shakes his head oh so unpretentiously

his down to earthness is at its prime, showing to his people

when he almost leaps to the stage where he comes most alive

with the glee of a salivating hyena at the sight of tantalizing steak

then as if in response to the sacrilege, the heavens rumbled

and a furious rain descended on the open bare lands

threatening the make shifts that shielded the people

and an even more furious mheshimiwa had to be escorted to his V8

before the routine flash floods broke the dam again

Damn! I had prepared the best speech yet.” He cussed as his driver sped off

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