The Makings of You

Young, purportedly free

lean and energetic with the hustle

bustling with the best of them,

revelling in the action

stomping in the mud

hopefully earning your entitlement

while pissing a perfect arch

on grass green as hope before it grieves

Older, professedly wiser?

It’s a whole new world

gotten better at life,

at living, lying

unlearning past knowledge from books

and learning in place abstract and street smarts they never taught in school

Don’t piss on me while I’m standing on my greener grass and tell me its raining!

if nothing, you can latch onto experience

and vehemently cuss

Under some six feet or so

while dead leaves fall

and a drunken uncle takes a leak,

achievements, goals, failures,

entire biography

all wrapped up in your power minute befitting eulogy

‘She was pudgy

with thighs thick as uji

an OG’

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