Òdò-ògùn flows through a town called Làlánté

A town rich with mother Earth’s bounties

Shocking news have just been unearthed 

Kabiyesi prefers the company of men?

Hush! Be quiet! For this might just be a rumour

Just nod your head or click your heels if you understand what I speak of

Whisper subtly, saying it loud could be dangerous 

But if Kabiyesi is gay, then he has no honour. 

Like wild fire, all over the town, the news spread 

People started to wonder, who exactly spends nights in Kabiyesi’s bed?

His chiefs and advisors wanted him dead 

Plotting ways to take off his head. 

They rallied the people and they stormed the palace 

Captured Kabiyesi and disarmed his guards 

Only one other man can deliver justice 

The oracle of the gods must preside over this.

Faloye’s eyes were red with anger 

Kabiyesi’s actions had put the town in grave danger

So he said loudly, “Throw him in the dungeons and find me his lover!

This disgrace of a man shall be king no longer”.

When the skies were pitch black and all were asleep

Two silhouettes began to creep

One whispered “That was so good, even I almost believed!”

Then they looked back one last time at the town they had deceived.

2 thoughts on “Làlánté

  1. Good read, figure a way to not show the full excerpt via email… That way readers will be forced to fully access your page


    1. Fair point. We’ll explore this. Thanks a lot!


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