How To Put Out a Fire

First consider how you acquired the fire

  1. Did you rub her against your palms and forget that she bore a name and possessed a brain?
  2. Did you break her bones and pour gasoline down her throat and straight to her heart only to ignite her fiery blood?
  3. Did you perhaps shock her with your watery lies?

If you did one

I employ you to lie at her feet and beg

Beg for her wisdom alone and not her body at all

Plead for her knowledge that you have long ignored

and washed into seas as nothing more than sand

If you did two,

It is better to resign

Resign from your breadwinner job that you have only acquired

Because of the weak sac lying between your legs.

I advise you not to douse the fire with anything but honesty.

Understand the meritocracy and resign.

If you did three,

I encourage you to run.

Run, run, run far, far ,far away!

Do not turn to your back

Or you shall turn to a pillar of salt

Like the wife of Lot.

Take your belongings and flee,

For the fire cannot be taken out

It is the element that has come to obtain

reparations for the many sins of your forefathers.

It is the fire within a woman.

It is the fire within a woman.

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