Preparations and Reparations

It was Friday and Gina was ecstatic that the week was coming to an end. Plus for once she didn’t have to report to work on Saturday. Her ancestors must have been smiling some good luck down at her and it was about damn time that they did. She had experienced a tiring (usual) week with extra long hours drawn into endless nights, and she couldn’t wait to kick her feet up and wind down with a glass (or 5) of wine. Being a bank teller wore her out physically and mentally, only to earn her a meagre salary. She sighed outwardly and tried to shove away how utterly depressing her life had seemingly crumbled into.

Not only was her social life in a rut but so was her love life. She had not been out since the last time she had had to attend one of Dru’s charities and had oh so conveniently bumped into Jane, her supposed bestie with her said fiance. Unabashed, feelings of resentment toward her friend surfaced. She thought she had dealt with those. She remembered thinking back on that fateful night. How hard could it be to forgive and forget surely? She had begrudgingly concluded to herself that 10 years worth of dating was too long a time to just waste away for one ‘flimsy’ kiss (according to an apologetic Dru anyway), infront of a whole mass of people who were now nose deep in her business. For someone who thought herself the ever so forgiving with not a mean spirited bone in her composition, she really was putting in the work and then some, to try and save her relationship with Dru. As for Jane, she still didn’t think herself grown enough to have a sit-down with her, their friendship was still up in limbo

Dru and Gina’s engagement was still on, so that accounted for something. Being the bigger person was such a bloody toil! Fast forward to passionate arguments, silent treatments, subtle and not so subtle messages, and six weeks later she was ready to get her feet wet again with her estranged live-in fiance. Heck, she even thought it possible to have some sexy time with Dru. No harm in trying to rev her dried up engine into life even if she knew chances were slimmer than those of having a rational conversation with Jane. But she was willing to go the mile. Because Lord knows her love life needed some much needed CPR. More so after the tragedy that had become of their relationship

By 8.30 pm, she was settled and comfortable in the house. She had prepared some chicken tikka and chinese rice with one of her own secret ingredients. The wafting aroma had already gotten her a knock and a phone call from her nearby nosy neighbours trying to score a plate, all of which she blatantly ignored. She tried to set the perfect mood. She had even gone out of her way to get some overpriced scented candles, a 4 litre box of some fine cellar cask white wine and some potpourri, never mind that it was smack in the middle of a very broke January.

When she was done with the cooking and decor, she donned her transparent fuchsia negligee and was satisfied with her very thick and sumptuous reflection in the mirror. As if on cue, she heard the keys dangling in the key hole and in sauntered Dru. Dressed in all black with his 6 foot frame, Dru’s looks were magnetic to say the least.

“Hey babe,” she reached up to his lips for a quick peck in greeting

He took one long look at her in her getup and noted the dimmed lighting the aroma from the kitchen

“I know it’s not my birthday. Whats the occasion babe?” That was his classic way of patting on her back. She had long since learnt to read between the lines and extract the damn compliments for herself

“Just us being romantic,” as she led him to the recliner couch. “Don’t you like it?”

To which he replied cheekily, “I’m very pleased,” flashing his white pearly teeth.

“I thought we’d do something intimate, a date night of sorts. We haven’t done that in ages. I made you your favorite meal.”

As she went to serve him, he switched on the television and landed on his staple CNN channel. In the kitchen, Gina’s shoulders slumped a fraction, “Well, that didn’t take long,” she let out in an exasperated whisper. She quickly shook out of the cloud of sorrow that was threatening to form, recovered and out loud she said, “babe, thought we would just enjoy some music with no tv today. You mind?

“Oh!” He didnt’ even try to hide his disappointment. “Sure thing babe,” he said as he moved to turn down the volume

Okay well, I guess I’ll take it as a win, Gina thought silently even as she revamped her take-what-you-can-get attitude.

Once Gina was done with her serving, they both settled into their comfortable silence and dug into the food. If Dru enjoyed his food, he definitely didn’t give it away. Gina knew the night was not off to a good start and it was upto her to get it back on the right footing.

“So I’ve been thinking..” she started. “We could maybe go see a fertility specialist.”

“For what though?” he bellowed

She had to be careful and weigh her words because Dru had a history of anger issues. “Well, just to check that we are all healthy and viable to have kids. We have not been using protection and well, I expected to be pregnant by now. My biological clock isn’t at a standstill. Don’t you want kids?”

“I guess…” he sighed and Gina took it as a win. At least it wasn’t a flat out NO

They made some friendly small talk as they ate. So far so good. They seemed to be making some progress. They started flirting and getting handsy. So far so great. She took the lead and proceeded to start dropping butterfly kisses along his throat, down to chest. She reveled in the growls he was making. Finally she was feeling like a loved woman.

They undressed each other and she wanted to love on him. It had been too long since she gifted him with such an experience. Doused with the wine she’d been gobbling down, she made it down to his briefs and proceeded to take him in and exercise her jaws.

She started filling with self doubt when it suddenly went a little too quiet. She looked up and discovered that he had fallen asleep! Snoring, damn near drooling. This nigga! She couldn’t believe it and yet it wasn’t that big a surprise. So much for that elaborated big dick energy that he’d been whispering in her ear at the onslaught. She would just have to finish herself off..again!

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