My Father Died In My Sleep

I went to bed

and lay asleep that night

without any impression whatsoever

that while I slept, before dawn

my father – my dearest father

would die in my own sleep.

So while I sat in the parlour of my dreams

mourning and sorrowing with the people in my dreams

Family was present but my father was absent.

Questions were raised and yet no answers fell to the ground to meet our bare feet.

We all had the familiar feeling of loss

For we knew in my dreams that father had passed on.

So, I was surprised to wake up to the phone ringing

to my sister’s voice tingling heartily in my ears

telling me stories of family in the present.

And when I told her my father had died in my sleep,

we both thanked goodness that I am now awake – father is still very much alive.

My father will spend many more days raising many questions to which answers will not fall,

of how many more long years he has to spend away from my dreams.

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