Acid Mouth

it always starts with you unwrapping the acid mouth you always reserve for only me
i am such strong metal, you raised me well didn’t you
next you swallow me into your throat
in the evening, when all outsiders have left
and we’re the only ones left in the house.
and then you spit what’s left of me out and prise me apart. but not my skin. i am too feeble there,
and skin is too physical. of course
that’s why you tell me i have no worth
except my body. then you also make it clear
my body can only serve you
because i don’t exist for any other purpose
but to be yours.
how words can expel themselves from a beautiful mouth
assume the shape of a knife
and cut at my insides
is a love secret only we share.
and because i love you
i am ready to house as many knives as you have for me
isn’t that why i bleed so often, so readily, at the sight of your fists?
i take responsibility of that because i dare not blame you.
and i will not say it doesn’t hurt,
but you always tell me all pain is good. all pain may not
feel good, but all look good and that is enough.
(but you are the same person who tells me (my) beauty is worthless)

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