Monsieur Woke: She Wants It!

“Come on!” Joseph yelled. “You can do it.”

I grunted.

“One more!” He screamed.

The grunts continued.

“Another one!”

Again, I grunted.

“Yes, yes,” He said, excitedly. “Just one more, bro. You can do it.”

The final grunt concluded with me placing the bar in a rack.

“Fuck!” I cried. “Intense, shit!”

“You did fucking well!” Joseph was excited. “Just look at your chest. It’s swollen! Beast!”

I blushed.

It did look swollen. I took a quick five seconds to admire myself before it got too weird.

“It’s really bulking season, huh?” Joseph asked.

I nodded.

“Damn, bro!” He screamed excitedly. “You are going to be hench as fuck!”

“You think so?”

“I know so. What the fuck! Just look at your arms!”

Immediately, my eyes were fixed on my arms through the mirror.

“Come on,” I began. “They aren’t that big!”

“Cute. Being modest, huh?”

I stared a little while.

He’s right though, I thought. My arms look sexy.

Lost in my vain admiration for my arms, he screamed.


“What?” I was agitated.

“Just look at that pie,” He cried with joy.


“That babe now! Just look at her, gaddamit.”

He turned my head in direction of the babe.

“Okay, so?”

“So? She’s asking for fucking it!” He licked his lips viciously.


“See how she’s dressed now! Or, are you forming, Monsieur Woke?”

“I hate that name,” I retorted.

“And she hates how she is foolishly ignored,” He cried back. “She looks like she’s going beach, bro! A sports bra, which is basically a bra and bum shorts? She’s horny as fuck!”

“Dude,” I shrieked. “Tha-”

“Just… don’t,” He warned.”

But because of Joseph’s mention, I was slightly fixed on her; she was hot, and every time she slightly bent, I could picture me doggying her.

“I know what you are thinking,” He laughed aloud! “Same, same!”


“Relax, Seun, feast your eyes,” He said. “Enjoy and let your thoughts run free. You can see her cheeks, can’t you? Your dick is hard, isn’t it?”

“Fuck,” I whispered.

“Seun?” Chinedu called.

“Hey, wha-”

“Just look at her, bro!” He said, thirsting like Israelites in the desert.

“Who?” I asked, curiously.

“Her!” He subtly pointed, aggressively. “I seen you staring.”

“Me? No. It was Jo-”

“Nigga,” He interrupted, “Your dick hard right now.”

Joseph laughed. “She’s fucking hot, man! Go talk to her.”

“I’m going,” Chinedu said.


“To her dammit! She wants it! Just look at her.”

“I told you,” Joseph said.

“She’s begging for it,” Chinedu continued.

“What did I fucking say?” Joseph cried. “We- You should be hitting that.”

I looked him in the eye.

Joseph assumed an imaginative doggy position with one eye close and some woos.

“Just like that,” He said.

“From behind,” Chinedu whispered.

“What the fuck guys!?” I screamed.

“Huh?” Chinedu was confused. “Guys? Who-”

“Mistake,” I apologized.

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