Quantify My Love

I love you
in a goose-pimply, new Maasai wine sampling
thunder booming, lightning striking breathless way,
in a shampoo on a cold day wash-day
I love you like a lick of dripping chocolate
from an ice cream cone on a hot day,
in a delving into a new book kinda way
Ah! The tingle and rush with the whoosh of each page
dropping butterfly kisses my way.
I love you in a speeding on the highway
screeching and swerving into the pathway
especially when you sling it my way
I love you when I lay, when I wake,
I love you when you wake and when you talk
in your wicked, wild, and wanton utterances
and you raise your brow then have me gone with the wind. Sweet mercy!
I love you when I look at you, my love, eyes shining ever so bright
you surely are draped in a magnificent halo
my melanin beau
kissed by the sun, who turned my no
to a by all means yes
yes to your dating me
yes to your churchy ways
yes to us moving slow
even though I wanted the drawls real low
for in your voice
I recognize my choice
To love you with as much noise

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