Smoking Heat

Passion. Intense. Arousal

I crave it, the dementia with a dash of drama

So I am no longer just demure busy minding my own; forgettable

That sizzle of awareness

that courses through, flowing in my veins

stimulating me back to the land of the living

igniting a fire and ridding my senses

a frenzy of sorts akin to Frankenstein’s monster’s deranged awakening

at the expense of ‘good sense’

Jazzy tunes in the background drowning out to a haze

I give myself wholly like a whore on payday

to the heated affair with pen and paper

ingraining myself and splashing my imprint

I can hear the seductive words whispering, wooing me

to towering heights of unbridled passion

passion like fire

Lost in my fiery fictional realm, floating dreamily

I give in to the allure and it is sweeter than any forbidden fruit

I am hot and wanton for more

for the theatrical flare

I come apart

only to crave some more

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