Nigerian Scammer

you created a terrible culture / where robbing people of their hard-earned money / is a thing to be praised for / picking pockets on busy streets / of elderly men / and snatching briefcases / from younger men standing on the roadsides / because you see them wearing suits / but they are only seeking jobs / and the hand bags of women with babies on their backs / distracted because they were shielding their faces from the sun / and people call you smart / praise you and slap you on the back with respect / and the younger ones look up at you with admiration / sharp boy / omo to ja /

and there are some of you with laptops / and skewed, evil brains / who take it to the next level / and dupe innocent people of their money / when they ask you / you say you are avenging your ancestors / the world calls you / and the other Nigerians who aren’t even like you / ‘Nigerian scammers’ / and you bare all your teeth in laughter / as if something is funny here / as if you can’t see that this is your reputation in the gutter /

you normalise stealing / you conceive a notion that purloining is okay / because why won’t anybody take what is not theirs / when it is readily available / or stupefy them into giving it up / then you are suddenly confused / when your politicians embezzle your national funds / publicly / without shame / without remorse / without punition / without fulfilling the promises / they made during their campaigns / and have the nerve to seek re-election /

2 thoughts on “Nigerian Scammer

  1. Awesome and truth! We all struggling in some form, but to feel entitled to take the “little bit more” that one has over the other, is still stealing ugly.

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