Back When

Bring back old school RnB sexy

When gangstas would get called out for being shady

not calling their sweet lady ‘baby’

Back to that late night nice and slow mix

Infected with some contagious

Good loving, body rocking

Oh so sultry knocking of boots

Back when good girls were taken every time

And bad bitches were rabid dogs,

A frowned upon crime

When boyz were begging on bended knees

‘Cause they got it bad

And thanking you in advance

For allowing them the chance

To rock your boat

And drown in the honey

2 thoughts on “Back When

  1. Yessss!! Love this!!!
    Old School R&B when you reminisce on the love you had of being forever his lady; when our love had no limit but in the end love still didn’t live here anymore and you used to love me: when all i do is think of you and how I hope to ever fall in love again but all I do is think of you and replay our moments of the kissing game and spending quality time with you.

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