The Fool Is Me

I step forward and then falter

My heart races and the sweat forms on my brows

Never have my inhibitions been higher

Never have I hated control more

I want to be reckless

To confess my love from the rooftops

To scream her name till my voice screeches to a halt

To risk it all in the name of love

But alas, I’m too in control for my good

Too wary of her light skin, lightyears away from my dirt brown hide

Too aware of the smell of spring that wafts off her in unmistakable burgeoisie

Too impressed by her league, that I bow my head and surrender to fate

This is no motion picture, no fairytale

I do not get the girl

Or do I?

Is that a blush that sits on her rosy cheeks?

Is that tugging at the corner of her mouth a half smile?

Could it be that the underdog has captured the heart of the princess?

To what do I owe this turn of fate?

God, chance, or a delusion from which I will quickly be delivered?

What face will the dice show when I take my chance?

Will fate humour me and and bless me with my dream?

Or will I be reminded that nothing good comes easy?

Whatever it is, I have nothing to lose

So I stand and gather my things

There must be no trace of me if things turn sour

I approach with a smile, the princess with the half smile

And realise too late, the prince charming sat behind me

Who whispered songs of love to his princess yonder

I turn as pale as black can pale

And realize a truth that has broken my soul

She is not for me, and never will be

For a fool has been made, the fool is me

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