Sinner’s Paradise

I fear I am losing touch, sinking deeper in
Inching closer to the other side, that part
The side where the grass is greener, that part
To the point of no return, that part.
Where the laughing Monsoon winds blow chilly
Blurring with the beckoning the low fog that clings
When fussing people, whizzing and freezing, opt for socks, scarves and pullovers
And still the wind penetrates the polyester fibres with absurd ease
My traitorous body in the moist mist longs for that humming and buzzing
Yearning for briskness, coming to a crescendo of oceanic wavy movement
That would rid me of all these polyester restraints
To come undone, revel in the March madness
And parts so private begin to penetrate
Bold and choked in this treachering cold, cussing and sucking
So addicted to his ravenous body heat
Hook, line and sinker
Moving to the age-old dance
Where the music’s in the moaning
Grinding and flowing till the morning
Load, stock and barrel
I refuse to make it out of this cocoon
I am sinking further
Don’t you dare draw me out
Not even with the coming of the first light.

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