The Woman With No Soul

Have you seen the woman with no soul?

A bitch in heels is what you would think I know

But this bitch has a story you and I know not

The story of how she got the title

‘A woman with no soul’

She used to be a normal lady

very much like you and I

taken advantage of by everyone but

she didn’t mind

She believed that every life was precious and that was her motto

and you could see it through her smile in every photo

But like all women she fell in love so, with a knight in shinning armor

like in the stories we are told

But this knight in shinning armor was nothing but beast

saying “you’re mine now bitch and I can do as I please”

And with nowhere to go and no one to turn to

the only other option was to reach for a gun

As she shot him at point blank range right between the eyes

She could swear she heard him whisper “you will always be mine”

“He was loved by many” the newspapers all said

“She didnt deserve his love” they pointed and sneered

“Death to the murderer” the people would chant and cheer

‘Clink Clink’ the sound from inside the prison cell

After everything she’d been through,

This was her new hell

There was a huge turnout to witness her demise

“Any last words” she heard from a distance

Broken down and tired she managed to whisper

“I’m innocent, I tell you the truth and my blood will be on the hands of all of you”

The lever was pulled and her body dropped

Shortly after she was a corpse

The crowd dispersed and everyone wondered

It was clear what she said, she didn’t even stutter.


3 thoughts on “The Woman With No Soul

  1. Munachim Chukwuma June 24, 2018 — 2:19 am

    It has rhythm, yet so real i feel like many can relate to this poem. At the ending it felt like my eyes opened to the title of poem for the first time, Dead – a woman with no soul.

    Well done ❤.


  2. I loved this poem, especially how you rhymed. Well done!


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