Reckless Abandon.

Emeka’s father always told him that “in order for a man to become something in life and make a name for himself, that man must be willing to abandon his family for opportunities”. His father always explained to him that “being willing to do something does not translate into doing that thing and a man abandoning his family is not the same as abandoning his responsibilities”. His father made it a point to bless him afterwards and pray for Chukwu-Okike (the Creator of the universe) to endow him with wisdom, because “common sense is never enough to take a man to destiny”.

Emeka’s father died years later and left Emeka and his siblings with nothing but their village house; no inheritance for him and his six siblings.

Brodah, Papa left us with nothing. You know I am the first born and my mother is late. How can I take care of my siblings now that I have nothing?” Emeka asked his uncle, his late father’s younger brother; a very rich man that was known for helping everyone but his own family members.

‘But Emeka, you just told me about the advice my late brother gave you when he was alive. That advice the your inheritance. What will differentiate you from your late father is your acting on that advice,” the man replied “You must be willing to abandon your family here in the village for opportunities in the city. Like you said with your own mouth, that does not mean you should abandon your responsibilities”.

“Your late father was a very wise man, but you, my boy, must apply that wisdom. Your younger siblings are old enough to take care of each other, go and do the necessary work to enjoy your inheritance. Go and work”.

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