Slippery Slopes

Though she sails through life headstrong
unconcerned, unbothered,
she is remarkably thin-skinned.
Watch her when she’s in a crowd: she will
lean back slightly, mark her inclination
away from everybody else. Be still
If you should put your arms around her,
they could go around once, twice
and never meet her body.
Yet she is permeable, feeble as a new
leaf — everything shakes her.
She reflects every frown and smiles endlessly, mirrors
you, takes you on and becomes
a semblance, in your essence
Soul-twin mind-mate. Now you and she, she
and you, but the barriers you cross unknown
And the lines in the sand, just redrawn.

Now look at her draped in all your glory
She moves, she means, she masters.
She deems, she dooms, she stammers.
Schools, and schemes, and skitters,
She aspires.
Hooped and looped and potent,
she loathes, she abhors, sometimes she wins.
She commemorates, and toasts.
Yet for every toast she drinks to.
She sinks further into oblivion, with you at her tail

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