The Thought of You

Toward the thought of you, I long and reach
I stretch and bend
Till in pain muscles screech
Am I in search of heart or hurt?
Because I stretch again and again at your thought.
And though I be sore from crown to feet
I can’t stop longing cause the pain is sweet.

For the thought of you I live and breathe.
I write and read
I spit out your name over and over till it hurts my teeth.
A name that never far from tongue wanders
A name that with every repetition becomes stronger
I feel every syllable from enamel to root but
I can’t help but bear the pain hoping it bears fruit.

Toward the thought of you I race
Panting, heart pounding yet feet running in place.
Unable to stop though there be stitch in my side
Willing to sacrifice all including riches and pride.
Each beat more intense as heart threatens to explode
You never really notice yet on and on I hold.
I risk being burned by the intensity of my own heat
Yet I can’t stop longing cause the pain is so sweet.

3 thoughts on “The Thought of You

  1. 👏🏾

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  2. Sweet pain is a dangerous trap… Great poem.

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