My Darkness.

I feel it slowly rising,
Overtaking my essence.
Legs and torso fully immersed.
Now it swallows my neck and head.
The darkness.
The strength to struggle,
flee my flailing limbs fast.
All that’s left within me
The power to hold on to this final breath.
The next will be my last,
But how long
Can this life affirming yet life sapping burn
Be held by these once proud lungs?
I cannot yield
I must not let the darkness within.
The wrestle is silent.
The goal:
To fight and simultaneously conserve energy.
For every twitch steals a lifetime
And every hit sustained, severs another umbilical cord to the cosmos.
All I have now are these letters
As the darkness envelopes.
In this final moment, from darkness comes light.
Two sides of the same coin
Two wings needed to take flight.

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