Minute Meetings

Amidst the bustle of the city, was a fully bloomed woman
Standing and waiting
Tapping her heel almost to the rhythm of hooting madness and screaming of bus conductors
He met her with no fuss nor pout minutes later, yet to her they were eons
Time never to be recovered, galaxies lost
Wasting no time, she turned and said, Your eyes are dead mister
I’m not lost in them. What happened to you, lover? You used to have no flabby tummy
So virile! Ah, the nostalgia
Too barbaric and savage within minutes of meeting
Should have known…
And since she spoke such real truths to him with such zest
He tried to answer truly with unhurt feelings
Whatever happened to my eyes
happened to your beauty, gravity has not been kind to your drooping breasts
O zip your lips my faithful wife with your crooked halo
Unless you would rather go cry in the car
He would cruelly tell her within minutes

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