Everything or Nothing

Everything is nothing

Nothing is everything

Deserts tell tales of seas

And all happiness is suffering

Every second is an eternity

Eternity is in constant motion

Objectivity is foiled by perception

But who needs objectivity anyway?

The blood of the seas flows in all veins

Volcanoes regulate all hearts

There is no value to wealth or fame

Only connections so twined they will never break apart

In the self is found everyone that has or will ever exist

Simultaneously existing and not being alive

The trees are stone, the stones are water

the flesh is the same as a leaf

And everything lives then everything dies

yet even in death nothing is free

Though living be the biggest freedom

Existence is nothing but chains

An unending negotiation with joy sadness and pain

Even after you realize the entire universe is contained in a grain

The route we take to expression leads to factories of chains

Love and hope and fear and hate all things that exist but don’t

For as we frame them in language so too they frame reality

Confined in this constricting construct

Where your limits are the rules you concoct.

Darkness and light, mountains and valleys

They’re all unimportant or important equally

Everything is holy and special

Yet All things are evil and corrupt

Morals and values we hold dear and protect

Are the punchlines in the joke that is the human recycling project

Energy can never be created or destroyed

We are nothing but energy in meat form

Enticed by our own flickering light, foolish in our wisdom

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