Verdict Of The Vagina

As a judge he was used to difficult cases
with long and undoubtedly drawn out drama in his court room
This was no different

The plaintiff, a bevy of gentlemen, class action in tow
Daggers exchanged with the defendant, the foe
If only she had gone along to get along, but no
They would take pride in animating her demeanor

The court calls to the stand the vagina
To ascertain ownership of this intellectual property
Who comes forth to claim their right to use and abuse?
Chaos raptures and boos abound

Hear ye hear ye, the gavel sounds
Silently the defendant prays to the ceiling, kneeling to her religion
Claims amidst tears that she reserves the right to her birthright

The plaintiff counters misappropriation and unfair advantages
He alleges it is used as a distracting tool for extortion, given and taken at will
Likened it to an apocalypse, the Hoo-Ha apocalypse. Ha!
Rather than a means to an end, now just the end

The vagina meekly cowers but loses not her cool even as she is called out her many names
For so long her host’s thundering thighs have been the root of her chi
Barring her from warring with pussies
Like a cat with nine lives, they have conquered so much that this too must pass.
No can’ts, only Yes We Can. Veni Vidi Vici!

The court finds in favor of the plaintiff, what a shocker
The vagina will remain a property of the state.
A damning epiphany if there ever was one

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