No Longer

I no longer have nightmares

Memories of each kiss no longer steal my breath while I sleep

The lingering feel of your arms around me no longer hold me in a coffin

My mind is finally out of range of your peppering projectile pictures

Your silence is no longer uncomfortable and loud as I slumber

I’m flying not falling, no longer wake to sweating and shivers

I can dare to escape this bottomless pit inhabited by insecure succubi that feast on folly and fear

My palms no longer burn from the intensity of holding on to a memory

My back no longer aches from the strain of the burden

I am no longer driven to panic when I see your eyes stare out of the darkness

Immune to that faintest ghost of your smile that remains

Your voice is no longer the bell that tolls sadness and disappointment

I no longer find myself lost In your complexities

No longer enticed by the possibility of unknown days experienced together

I am no longer awaiting your return from inky blackness

I am no longer a slave to love’s madness

2 thoughts on “No Longer

  1. Yessss I am free. 👏👏👏


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