Lagos Street

For years those who knew Ella knew that once it was 10pm every week night, you could find her posing sexy at her spot. Yes, Ella had her own spot on Lagos Street for over five years until one day.

Those who knew Ella knew she was never late. Some said “Ella get class o”, many said “That Ella na hot market”, others said ‘That Ella girl na ashi, but na better one she be”. Well Ella didn’t care. The only opinion Ella was known to care about was her own.

Speaking of week nights, she worked on Lagos Street only on week nights. No one could really tell what Ella looked like for sure because she was only seen posing at her spot from 10pm till midnight every week night. At least ten cars would stop to exchange things through their windows with her, sometimes she kissed the drivers, other times she didn’t, but she never left her spot. This made every one who knew Ella wonder, and that’s why she was considered special.

When people stopped seeing Ella around, they started asking questions, and so different versions of rumors on her disappearance unfolded.

One man said “Ah, I know what happened to her, she quit. How can someone be doing that work for the rest of her life, maybe she has gone to settle down.” When he was asked “What work?”, he said “Nobody knows for sure, but which other work do girls that stand on Lagos Street at night do?” and then he walked off.

Ella’s real name was Chiemela, she was a man. He worked every night on Lagos Street for over five years until the night he left Lagos Street to return to his family in the north. Nobody knew what exactly he did every week night for all those years on that spot, but there are many stories of Ella being an ashi, albeit one with class.

Ella was different. Ella was a man. Ella did not exist anywhere else but Lagos Street.

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