The Trap

I buzz hither I buzz thither

While my belly buzzes along

I get closer it gets bigger

The response to my song.

I stand still and well rooted

do not judge me by design

My stem may look crooked

But it will straighten in time.

This scent so delicious

Wafting on the breeze

So i take the decision

To go dance on its leaves.

My vision has its limits

But I can feel you are near

I’m hoping you will visit

I’m hoping you come here.

The flowers dancing a jig

like they’re happy to see me

White petals round and big

Joyous at the thought they’d feed me.

I wave these petals around

Get the scent around the place

And listen for your sounds

While for your arrival wait.

The moment has finally come

The wait that seemed so long

Is finally about to be over

An end to my belly’s song.

The moment has finally come

I can see you within range

I can hear the joy as you hum

All that is about to change.

I smile as I’m stroking your hair

Flowers are calling my name

You respond to my touch with a shudder

As if to say you’re glad I came.

Now you’re deep into the trap

And there’s no hope of escape

The tips of my leaves will clasp

But my flowers will remain safe.

I look around in confusion

What happened to all the light

What’s this clouding my vision?

Why do I feel drained of life?

In these last few seconds

The weight of the truth

Falls upon your person

And you realize you’re the food.

These are the last thoughts

As my mind begins to fade

This was my last hunt

As my food becomes my grave.

Now my stem will straighten

My flowers and leaves lustre

My roots tighter grip foundations

One to survive another to suffer.

1 thought on “The Trap

  1. you write extremely well!


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