My Country

I will not let my country drown in the greed of her own sons

While they take from her, that which she did not give, to build their mansions

Prodigals, but who will send them to the pigs swine?

They have not returned contrite

My brothers, my sisters, I rage at the parties they throw at us

Parties filled with promises and gifts  that unveil into wayo

I will not fold my hands and let my country drown

I will not watch her destiny be hindered much longer by her own

She is to be the trigger for Africa

She is to be the dream of her sister nations

She is to be the rock of stolen birthrights

I will not do nothing and let my country drown

From the day she was formed she always had great wealth

Way before she was born, her riches were known to many

Oh, but her children, her own ignorant lot, took and still take advantage of her

Power is abused

The corrupt amused

The disadvantaged bemused

The sincere seeking to transform, struggling

“To serve my fathers land, with love and strength and faith”

I will sing even though my voice is taken from me

I will not let brutes mar the passion in my soul that flames to lead her to destiny

“Great lofty heights to attain, to build a nation where peace and justice shall reign”.

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