Three boys sat in a room, playing FIFA and discussing girls, making the loudest of noises; it was a ruckus. Chibuzor and Antonio had come to see their friend Temitayo, who was their classmate and third member of their gang. Temitayo was the shy one, Antonio was outspoken and sort of proud, while Chibuzor was cool headed. These three boys had only become friends a couple of months before but their bond felt like it was forged in the heavens.

Antonio sat on the edge of Temitayo’s bed watching him get beaten by Chibuzor while he laughed and talked about his admiration for a girl in his class.

“I just want that Funke babe, man,” He announced. “The things I would do her. Have you seen her bum?”

As he drew her bum with his fingers in the air, Chibuzor threw a puzzling look at Antonio but said nothing, continuing his match with Temitayo.

What?” Antonio asked Chibuzor. “You won’t understand when you’re always jerking off.”

Temitayo burst out laughing, and laughed harder when he saw Antonio making hand gestures close to his crotch. Chibuzor sighed and shook his head.

“But I’m serious, “Antonio continued. “Have you seen that babe? She’s a masterpiece.”

Temitayo nodded his head in agreement while Antonio continued licking his lips.

Chibuzor paused the match and turned to Antonio.

“And what exactly will you do to her?”

His eyes lit up hearing that question.

“What won’t I do?” He replied Chibuzor, still licking his lips “Oh my God! I bet she’s yummy.”

Temitayo stayed mute so did Chibuzor, who was trying to bait Antonio.

“You know,” Antonio began so proudly, his face was beaming. “My brother taught me one or two things.”

“Together?” Chibuzor teased.

Temitayo burst out again.

“Shut up!” Antonio roared.

Temitayo, still laughing, begged the noise be kept to a minimum because his mother and junior sister were home. Antonio shrugged his shoulders.

“Anyhoo, as I was saying,” Antonio paused, gazing at Chibuzor who had a smirk on his face. “I know all the weak spots of a woman now. Touch her in certain places and those no’s turn to yes’s; works like magic.”

He placed his index finger and thumb against each other and kissed them.

“Works like magic,” He repeated.

“Really?” Temitayo asked, wide eyed.

“Yes, yes,” he replied, going close to Temitayo. “Do her like this and whew, it’s a wrap.”

Antonio was gushing showing off his new profound wisdom.

“My brother has gotten laid so many times like that. The women love it; they don’t know what they want so you have to help them.”

Chibuzor was horrified; his disgust was clearly written on his face. Temitayo noticed but was too enthralled by Antonio’s words of wisdom.

“And if that doesn’t work, putting a little something in her drink always does the trick. It brings out their inner hoe. They will so brap the shit out of.”

Antonio laid on the bed, thrusting his pelvis.

Temitayo laughed. “That’s all?” His eyes , filled with joy, fixed on Antonio. “Where are the spots? Show me, teach me. What’s the little something?”

Antonio raised himself from the bed, looking at an eager Temitayo. Haha, you loser, he thought. But before Antonio could say a word, Chibuzor shut him up.

“It’s a shame you have a fool, sorry, a rapist for a big brother.”

Temitayo, startled by those words, was too slow to stop Antonio’s lung at Chibuzor. Suddenly finding himself, he got a hold of Antonio and tried to separate the scuffle.

“How dare you?” Antonio roared, fuming aggressively. “How dare you!”

Temitayo looked at Chibuzor, who had himself backed against the wall. “Apologize, Chibuzor. That was awfully rude.”

Chibuzor wanted to apologize for being bluntly rude and hurting his friend’s feelings but he too had been offended.

“Sorry, I can’t,” Chibuzor replied, shaking his head in contempt. “He should apologize first.”

“Apologize for what?” Antonio fiercely asked him. “Are you mad? What did I do?”

Temitayo stared at Chibuzor. He was witnessing a new side of his friend he had never seen. An agitated Antonio shoved Temitayo aside and headed for the door.

“I’m out of here. This is bullshit.”

Temitayo quickly grabbed the sleeve of Antonio’s shirt. “Don’t, Tony,” He begged. “Let’s hear what he has to say.”

He dragged his arm out of Temitayo’s grasp. “I really don’t care. He called my brother a rapist. How dare he! Is he mad?”

Antonio was almost at the door of Temitayo’s room when Temitayo looked at Chibuzor with sad eyes. “Say something, please!”

Chibuzor felt bad for Temitayo because he was the rope in their tug of war and he didn’t deserve it.

“Tayo,” Chibuzor broke his silence which halted Antonio at the door. “What I am going to say is a problem of its own already.”

Temitayo was wary of the next words that would follow but he urged Chibuzor to continue. Antonio waited, hoping for whatever he was going to do next to be justified.

“Imagine it was your sister Antonio had all these plans for,” Chibuzor casually stated, with his emphasis on your.

Temitayo looked at Chibuzor, and then at Antonio, speechless, realizing the offensiveness of Antonio’s words.

“That doesn’t make sense.” Antonio reiterated.

Temitayo was still speechless; his stupidity had dawned on him and it was hurtful. It had taken the fact he had a sister to open his eyes.

“Of course it doesn’t,” Chibuzor chuckled, returning to Temitayo’s bed. “Ever heard of consent? Women aren’t objects, you know.”

“We are men, we take what we want,” Antonio argued. “Who are you to tell me what to do?”

Chibuzor shook his head. “That’s your internalized misogyny talking.”

“Internalized what?” Antonio was baffled, gearing himself for another lung. “What’s all this rubbish? Are you woke now?”

Chibuzor chuckled yet again. “Is that meant to be an insult?”

“He’s right,” Temitayo shyly admitted. “H-h-how… that’s totally messed up, man!”

Antonio laughed staring at both of them with utmost surprise and disregard. “Pussies!” He laughed harder. “This is why you don’t get pussy; the irony!”

Temitayo fell back on his bed. What was I thinking, he thought. Returning to his original position, he looked at Antonio who was murmuring to himself, then at Chibuzor who was on defense, wary of an attack from Antonio.

“I’m sorry, Chibuzor,” Temitayo apologized. “I-I-…”

“That’s fine,” He accepted the apology. “Some people just need to grow up.”

Antonio caught the jibe.

“Say shit again and I will kill you!” He shouted. “I promise. I will fucking rip your throat out, bastard!”

“Temi!” Temitayo heard his mom calling from afar.

“Shit! See what you guys have caused?” Temitayo cried.

Antonio quickly ran to the bed to comport himself and Chibuzor didn’t move an inch. Her voice drew closer and the three boys had their eyes fixated on the door. It bust wide open.

“Temi, who are you talking to?” Temitayo’s Mum asked.

“My-” The 16 year old looked left and right for his friends but no one was there, and the sudden realization he was alone put a frown on his face. “-self.”

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