Babel: A Tale

Religion is a man-made concept designed to be a justifiable reason for hate, genocide and every other form of bullshit conceivable in the name of an all-powerful being”, Chika was screaming at this point. While they were still trying to fully come awake and start their day, Chika was already at the noon of his own day.

Oh, and poor, destitute, sick and desperate humans are the major target and largest audience of religion because it’s the biggest seller of hope for this life and another magical after-life”, said Chika, with eyes bulging out of his socket, beads of sweat forming on his temple and lots of finger-pointing to Doyin his ever willing opponent.

He could not for the life of him understand why Doyin continuously engaged in these discourses considering Chika has a new topic every morning of which he is most times incorrigible. Doyin, a spirikoko as Ethan always calls him would argue that God is real and the universe is such a complex and dynamic system which cannot be explained by just the human mind without acknowledging for the presence of a super being.

What nonsense is this one saying? How does this super being…” Chika would say making mock quotation marks with his hands “…then explain the hungers and suffering in the world he created? How brainwashed are you this guy?” to which Doyin would say “May God forgive and have mercy on your soul” in reply always signaling the end of the conversation till the next day when Chika comes up with another life anomaly to brabble over; perhaps, the system of government, capitalism, exploitation of the black man by the black man for the white man amongst several others.

They shared a three bed flat. There’s Chika, a cashier at the bank with Doyin working at the local government office as part of the requirement for National Youth Service Corps and him, a photographer/videographer. On most Mondays he had no urgent assignment to attend to as was this Monday. “Na no go do begin dey go work abi? Traffic dey dey on Monday morning oo”, he called out to them. As usual, Chika was ready before Doyin and was already mounting pressure on him as they usually rode together for about a couple of miles before Doyin continues his trip using public transport. “I go leave you oo, you dey do makeup abi wetin. See as you wowo reach sef upon you dey waste time”, Chika kept pressuring amidst Doyin’s plea “Guy, I don almost ready”

By 7:20 am, Chika and Doyin had both gone out the house and he was left alone. He had lots of editing to do of the wedding he covered over the weekend but he set that aside, whipped up breakfast and then queued up several episodes of his current show and slept off a few episodes in just after his last bite. The sounds of a crash in the still playing episodes woke him up with a start thankfully as he had work to get to. He wobbled to his work area which he had beautifully designed to work professionally but also in comfort. Cutting, snipping off, brightening, developing and enhancing he worked. Swiping through the very happy bride to the couldn’t-care-less groom and overjoyed mother of the bride till he felt light-headed from all the images. He leaned back sipping some water, stretching out his legs and cracking the joints of his neck and hand. He hovered over his trackball and then sifted through his hidden folders and found the one he was seeking, imputed the password for the folder and his screen filled with several stills of him. He was once again still mesmerized at how one man could be so beautiful in all of his pictures.

His hard jaw lines, thick curly lashes, big beautiful brown eyes always hinting mischief and thick but soft lips which concealed the fact that they move quite rapidly, talkative much. The large crop of hair on his head always rolled up in soft locks right before a fresh-cut as does his beards and between his legs he imagined too. He had big broad chest which was a beautiful shade of brown, spanning his entire body and sagging at his stomach. At 6 ft 3’ he was a big guy spawned over the bed in the particular picture he stared at. He felt his briefs tighten, his heartbeat elevate and his mouth get dry. He looked at his clock overhead, he had the house to himself for a few more hours and it wasn’t likely Ethan from next door would be barging in at any time. He rumbled through the drawers and found it. He had run through this batch of lubricants faster than other months. Vivid pictures were painted in his mind and his hands worked furiously over his shaft so lubricated his inner thighs were sticky. His eyes rolled up in his head, moaning through gritted teeth he could feel the orgasm reach its peak.

The bang on the front door snapped him back to reality. He jumped to his feet so frazzled with his head in a dizzying spin as the blood moved back to his head. Did he imagine that? He wondered and was further set straight with sound of a second knock. In flash motion, he pulled up his sagged briefs and sweat pants over it. At this time, he heard the door being unlocked, keys rattling and someone coming in.  He pulled out the lower drawer stuffing the box of tissue and bottle of lube. He ran out to meet the intruder before the intruder would have thoughts of coming to meet him in there.

‘Hello?’ a female voice rang out. ‘Anyone at home?’ she continued. When he finally reached her, she had made herself comfortable on the couch and was sifting through TV channels. He should have known it would be Toke with her intrusiveness, crooked brows and horsetail wig.

“Ah, so you’re at home? How are you doing?” Toke hailed as he met her to whom he gave a barely audible grunt in response. “I cannot even wait for my baby to get home”, she continued. He had no reason to hate her this much and being Chika’s girlfriend was not enough reason. He resolved to tell Chika his feelings and how much he loved him and how thoughts of him fogged his mind. This evening would be a perfect time.

‘Femi, Femi! Are you listening to me? Who are you thinking about so hard?’ queried Toke in a fit of laughter.



Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

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