Fola took a drag of his smoke, letting the euphoria wash over him in waves. He wasn’t sure what was in the wrap his cousin handed him, but he was certain it was the best thing he had ever smoked in his life; all 23 years of it. He sat back in his chair as the world swirled around him; he had found peace at last. Hardly had the thought been fully formed in his head when the birds came flying out of nothingness, chirping happily like a scene from a Disney fairytale. He chuckled as they swerved around the room in unison singing happily and took another hit of his smoke for good measure.
The floor melted around him and he suddenly knew it all; the secrets of the universe. It was right there, at the front of his brain and he felt like he could grab it, but for some reason, it seemed out of reach. He was certain he had discovered the secrets of the universe, but what were they?
The room shimmered and disappeared, leaving him floating above an island. He was at peace, but there was also the discomfort of knowing secrets he did not know, yet knew. In his state, he could not know confusion, for all was well in the world; the sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and then there was the cool breeze from the ocean.
A fresh wave of pleasure danced across his brain and he sank deeper into it.

“Another one?” Dr Stella asked.
“Yes ma, it’s our fifth case this week alone.” The nurse replied, a small thin woman with large eyes and a bosom to match, clad in a white well pressed nurses’ uniform.
“What on earth are they smoking?” Stella asked no one in particular, staring as the mad boy in restraints, smiling and shaking his head vigorously, was wheeled into the hospital.

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