She sat on the King sized bed, looking ravishing in her silky pink semi transparent night gown. Her nails were perfectly manicured, painted red in stark contrast to her caramel skin. In one hand, she held her phone, navigating with a scowl on her face, full lips down turned in anger. She dialled a number and ran her hand through her long jet black hair. 
“Hello,” She said after the receiver answered on the third ring. 
“Hey.” A masculine voice replied on the other end, muffled by loud music playing in the background. 
“Where are you Chris?! I’ve been waiting for hours!”
“I’m sorry,” He replied “I had to drop off a colleague at her friend’s place and I ran into a party in full swing. They made me wait.”
“This isn’t fair Chris, why do you treat me like this?” She responded with tears welling up in her eyes. “I planned tonight for us, to resolve the tension between us and now this.” 
“Calm down Sola, I’m leaving soon. I already told them I have a priority appointment with my love.”
“You say all these sweet things but you never back it up with your actions. I didn’t sign up for this!”
“Oh my God! Calm the hell down! I’m already on my way out! Don’t ruin tonight, you’ve already made plans, don’t scatter it with this hormonal misbehaviour!”
His words cut through her, hurting her as she hung on every word. The tears began to flow as she responded. 
“You only treat me this way because you know I love you. After everything we’ve been through! I saw the texts from Yemi. You’ve been sleeping with her, but I forgave you and let it go. And now you’re back with that animal, clubbing with her and doing God knows what. I’m tired of this, Chris!”
“Maybe we should talk about this later,” He replied in a calm voice “We’ll talk tomorrow when we’re both calm so we can resolve these issues once and for all.”
He hung up immediately without giving her the chance to respond. 
She flung her phone onto the bed and collapsed into one of the pillows, crying profusely. 
She felt betrayed by him. She had sacrificed so much to love him but he had recently become distant, right after he cheated on her with another woman. She knew she didn’t want to lose him but she was running out of time. She felt her phone vibrate and looked at screen through teary eyes. She hissed as she picked up the phone to answer the call. 
“Hello dear, I can’t talk now, about to deliver a speech. Kiss the kids good night for me. Love you.”

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