An Abrupt End 

She approached me in awkward steps that were anything but graceful. She seemed to hit every chair in her path in the auditorium we were both working in. I knew she was coming to meet me and mentally prepared myself for a conversation. “Hello.” She said, rather confidently.

“Hi.” I responded.

I took the time to study her features. Hair in a pixie cut, eyes that were almost too large, skin the colour of caramel. 

“Feel free to stop by the office.” She said, and then I realized that I had zoned out of the entire conversation. 

“Thanks.” I responded, somewhat certain she had come to welcome me to the team. 

As she walked away from me, clad in her red sweater, I realized that her awkward steps could be likened to some sort of dance from realms above ours. I realized that her large eyes which seemed to peer into my soul were beautiful. I realized that her skin glowed like burning embers in the dark. I realized that I had fallen in love. 

“She’s a beauty, right?” A colleague said. 

“Guy.” I responded in the affirmative. 

“Great, now stay away from my girl.” 

1 thought on “An Abrupt End 

  1. 😂😂, Baba dey mark him territory.


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