This year I lost a soulmate. Something died but it wasn’t her. “How do you even recognise your soul mate?” you may ask.
You don’t.
One day they’re nowhere in sight, the next they’re a part of your soul. There’s no process to it,  no plan. It just happens; your mind, in one moment of crystal clarity, recognises the indescribable emotions you have attached to them. Emotions that do not come cheaply.
We were soulmates.
We existed effortlessly in each other, so much so that our exit was effortless as well. We were attuned to the same frequency. We could almost see out of each others eyes.
You wouldn’t know a thing about seeing the same things that make you laugh everywhere, making the same jokes, debating the ridiculous, the casual touches that convey a million emotions, the smiles, the never ending conversations, confessions of chummy emotions, cuddling for hours.
Or maybe you do
Maybe you know the feeling that comes with making eye contact and knowing their exact thoughts at the moment. Maybe you’ve experienced these cliché emotions before. Maybe you’ve lost your soul mate as well.
This year I lost a soulmate. Something died but it wasn’t her. It was the concept of us.
We died this year; to each other we died.

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