The Forest

The screams reverberated all around me as I took three steps back ready to run. My girlfriend tugged at my jacket, backing away as well.
“Let’s get away from here!” She said, shouting as quietly as she could.
I could see the fear in her eyes; the desolate hopelessness of our situation setting in with every dead body we stumbled into.
A howl pierced through the night air and sent the rest of my platoon members alive scurrying through the forest in search of safety. We did the same, heading down a well worn path, away from the rest of the group.
I cursed as I ran and wondered who’s retarded idea it had been to visit an evil forest in a strange land we had been asked to serve in.
The darkness hit me before I knew it did. Oblivion dangled over me as my senses were dulled. It had happened before. I willed myself back to consciousness with every ounce of strength I had and was greeted by a sight that sent shivers through my spine.
My girlfriend lay dead in front of me.
Then it all made sense.
It had happened 5 times.
There were now 5 dead bodies.

2 thoughts on “The Forest

  1. Wait. Wait a minute. I’m lost here.


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