Bella Noché

Of all the miracles I have witnessed, it seems most wonderful to meet the woman of your dreams.

“They are so beautiful.” She muttered softly, almost beneath her breath, as she sat opposite me cross-legged in the grass looking upwards.
“What are?” I asked, not particularly interested in what she was commenting on but searching for an excuse for her to speak so I could see her mouth move as she formed her words; and hear her voice as it gracefully left her tongue and came to caress my ears.
Needless to say, I was hopelessly infatuated with her. And as she pulled her gaze from the night sky to look into my eyes to answer me, a whisper of a smile playing on her face, I could tell she was as lost in love with me as I was with her.
“The stars, silly” She whispered, still looking at me with those eyes that always had an aura of mischief.
“They probably are, but I can’t check to be sure right now”
“Why not?”, she asked, her features quizzical.
“Because, I’m already looking at something much more beautiful than they could ever be.” I replied, not giving an iota of thought to what I was saying.
Her nose crinkled as she smiled a smile that only she could.
“What a hopeless romantic you are!”
“Yup! And it’s entirely your fault.” I said and leaned in to place my lips on hers.
“Nope,” She said, palm on my forehead, and eyes just oozing mischief “We’ve done enough of that for tonight”. And to the confusion that etched itself upon my face, she said.
“I have to teach you more than just that. We do not have as much time with each other as I would’ve loved, so we can’t waste these moments. You will soon have to go.”
With that she pushed herself off me so that she was flat on her back looking upwards at the night sky and patted the patch of grass beside her, signalling that I should lie there. And so she proceeded to teach me about the stars and constellations and belts that someone called Orion wore and dippers; while I proceeded to learn nothing while stealing subtle glances at her while she was entranced, listening to her voice but not the words it carried.
Soon though, we heard the sound of an alarm blaring seemingly in the distance and she stopped. The time had come again when I would have to leave her here on the grass underneath the sky like I did every night. I felt her hand across my chest as she touched me one last time before I left, and saw her face as she tried her utmost best to smile.
“See you tomorrow night?”
“Definitely.” I replied as I closed my eyes to the world.


I woke up to the sound of my alarm forcefully reminding me that I had to prepare for classes.
I hated this reality.
For a moment, I paused to reminisce of the night.
My dream woman.
I had been told by my mother, when I had just begun to see her in my dreams, that I had been betrothed to her by a native doctor in my village in exchange for my mother having me as a child. In the beginning I was terrified of her, but slowly she had become my life, my world, my dreams.
She had become my Bella Noché, my beautiful night.

4 thoughts on “Bella Noché

  1. you want a “Bella Nochè” from your village abi……. good article though well written


    1. Clinton might want one 😂 Lol. Thanks for the comment.


  2. This is a really good one.
    Well done Clinton.


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