Love and Pride

“Have you ever fallen in love?” she asked me. Naturally, I was taken aback. I didn’t expect it. I could see her shyness rise to the surface of her features as she asked the question. She didn’t, couldn’t, look straight at me as she asked the question and that in itself set my heart ablaze. My mind raced on, infinitely faster than my mouth could keep up with.

“Huh?” Was all I could mutter.

“Have you ever fallen in love?” She repeated, more confident of herself this time. My mind hadn’t stopped racing. How would I tell her that my every waking moment was spent being in love with her? How would I tell her that she was the only inhabitant of my world? Then suddenly, the questions in my mind changed from “How?” to “Why?”. Why should I tell her? Why should I risk our friendship on the off chance that she might feel the same way about me?

No! I couldn’t let this moment pass. I couldn’t continue to wallow in my self-imposed sorrows. It will be awkward if she doesn’t feel the same, I argued within myself, ignorance is bliss. That was a good point. Stop being a wuss, tell her!

“Yes, yes I have. Chidera, I–”

“Good. So you can relate with how I feel about him”, she said, using her eyes to direct my attention to a fellow sitting at a table adjacent to ours. I turned my head to look while my heart plummeted to depths that I didn’t even know existed. Smile! My mind commanded an unwilling face, at least you kept your pride. Pride, what an insignificant thing to feel in comparison to love…

By Omosivwe Clinton – a GreenBlackTales partner and creative mind. You can follow him on Twitter with the handle @_InGenieUs_


2 thoughts on “Love and Pride

  1. Haha. That wrenching should I/shouldn’t I.

    Like I read today; “it is only great when the thirst is mutual.”

    Cool story.



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