The Butterfly Effect

Isn’t it funny how we never consider the impact a single action we take, or don’t take, can produce immensely significant results? How was I to know that my decision to kill a wall gecko one night would lead to the death of my fiancée?

You see, by killing the gecko, I allowed the moth it would have eaten to survive. The survival of the moth led to the ruining of my neighbour’s clothes as the moth’s larvae ate through the fabrics. This in turn forced my neighbour to wear a dress that had become too short for her, which in turn excited the depraved fellow who tried to rape her later that day. When he was discovered and pursued by members of the community, he ran into the road, causing an accident which in turn caused a traffic jam that prevented hired assassins from getting to their target’s house in time. The target, a popular politician, later on fired an employee, who in turn chose to drown his sorrows in liquor before heading home, and as a result of his inebriation, unwittingly ran over the love of my life while she was trying to cross the road.

It’s almost funny that she wouldn’t have died if that employee wasn’t driving drunk, and the employee wouldn’t have been driving drunk if he hadn’t been fired, and he wouldn’t have been fired if the politician had been killed by the assassins, and the politician would have been killed if the assassins got to him on time, and the assassins would have gotten to him on time if there was no accident to cause traffic, and there would have been no accident if the rapist didn’t run into the road, and the rapist wouldn’t have ran into the road if people weren’t chasing him, and people wouldn’t have been chasing him if he hadn’t tried to rape my neighbour, and he wouldn’t have tried to rape my neighbour if he hadn’t been aroused by her short dress, and my neighbour wouldn’t have had to wear that dress if the moth didn’t lay its larvae in her other dresses, and the moth wouldn’t have laid it’s larvae if it had been eaten by the wall gecko in my room, and the wall gecko in my room would have eaten the moth had I not killed it a few hours before.

One apparently insignificant action, snowballing into a profound web of interconnected but seemingly unrelated events that culminated in the death of the woman I love.

Isn’t it funny how all of this happened because I killed a wall gecko?

1 thought on “The Butterfly Effect

  1. Nope. Its not funny.


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