The Sun and The Moon

I heard the story of two lovers; the Sun and the Moon. The Moon was her rock; solid and dependable, and the Sun was his light; bright and life-giving. One day, the Sky became jealous and seperated them, cursing the Sun to a life of stagnation and the Moon to a life of perpetual motion, chasing after his bride but never catching her.
The Moon, on seeing the injustice, asked the Earth for help and the Earth said to him
“I can not get close to your bride, but I can swing you around till you are close enough to see her.”
The Moon agreed, believing anything was better than losing his bride. And now, for a couple of times every year, he gets to see his bride, eclipsing everything else in defiance of the Sky.
Though separated, their love remains. Two beautiful things kept apart by a force beyond them. She waits patiently as he continues to chase, fated to run forever. He runs forever as she waits, fated to stay in place for eternity. It is sad but it is life. He is her rock, and She is his light.


Categories Short Stories

3 thoughts on “The Sun and The Moon

  1. This is really good …….


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