Apocalypse: Chapter 10

The recoil smacked the gun out of Osas’ hands and into the roof of the car. Blood splattered as the bullet tore through the zombies head, leaving a trail of the red liquid all across the car. Osas barely felt the sting in his hands as he reached for another rifle; grabbing it just as the second zombie made it to the door. He took aim, fired, and hit his target, before shaking Ife and Paul awake. Shalom was opening his door when a zombie grabbed his arm. He held off its head with his other arm as he tried to shake the flesh eater off. Bolu pointed her hand gun at Shalom’s attacker and fired clumsily; the bullet grazing the zombie’s ear. She fired three more shots into its chest, giving shalom the opportunity to kick it off him. He reached into the car, retrieved his rifle and began firing at the other zombies after ending the one that lay on the ground.

“Let’s go!” Paul bellowed as the horde approached from all sides, menacing in their number. He grabbed a rifle and some extra ammo and started for the door.

“We can’t! We have too much stuff to lose!” Osas shouted as he fired out shots through the window, slowing down a few of the approaching zombies. He opened the door quickly and joined Shalom in shooting at the horde outside.

“In that case, make your shots count! Head shots only!” Paul replied, shouting over the gun fire as he joined them. He had managed to shake off his dizziness and was expertly putting down zombies with precision that could only have come from training.

Ife groggily reloaded her hand gun. Blood ran down one side of her face from a gash just above her right brow. She took aimed and joined in the shootout.

“Bolu! Try to start the car!” Shalom bellowed, reloading his rife.

The horde didn’t seem to be thinning. Osas knew the only reason why they had not been overrun was because they knew to shoot the zombies in the head. He caught a glimpse of Bolu as she ran back into the car from her crouched position beside the tyres. He heard the engine stall as the vehicle refused to start.

Suddenly, a loud scream tore through the gunfire and the moans. Osas turned around to find a zombie latched onto Bolu, pulling her out through the door. He watched in horror as the zombie took the first bite out of her neck, spraying blood as teeth bit into her jugular. Ife ran towards the zombie and fired a shot straight through its head. She turned around, tears streaming down her face and promptly re-joined the shootout as though nothing had happened. It was almost ridiculous.

Osas forced the thoughts down his mind as he took aim and continued shooting.

Bolu was dead.

One moment she was starting a vehicle, the next moment she was bleeding out on the floor.

Paul suddenly realised she was down and broke off from the group. He ran to her side and cradled her, smearing blood all over his shirt.

“F***ing idiot! Get back here and help us!” Shalom screamed at Paul as the horde gained on them.

Paul looked stunned. He slowly reached for his rifle just as Bolu’s lifeless hands grabbed him. Before he could react, she bit into his chest and clawed at his belly. Paul pushed her away and fired a single shot at her, tearing a coin shaped hole through her head. He got up and was tackled to the ground by another zombie, but he managed to shake it off and bash its head in with the butt of the rifle. He shot down two more zombies before he was overrun by three who finished the job, biting into his neck and face as more zombies came out of the surrounding bushes.

Osas, Shalom and Ife scrambled back into the car with Shalom swinging his rifle at any zombie that got too close. Osas got in the front seat and locked the doors centrally. He turned the key in the ignition and wound up the windows with Ife and Shalom picking off the last zombies that strayed too close to the windows.

The zombies closed in from all sides, banging on the bulletproof windows, unable to get in. The groaning and moaning filled the air; the sounds harbingers of death.

“This can’t be happening!” Shalom screamed, frustrated. He slammed his fist into the side of the door.

Osas tried the ignition again but the engine failed to run.

“They’re dead. I should have- I could have-” Ife stuttered.

“You couldn’t have done anything. We were lucky to have come this far. So many people have died, we’re the lucky ones.” Osas cut in

“We need to come up with a plan. But before that, has anyone been bitten?” Shalom asked warily.

Satisfed with the silence in the car, he continued.

“How do we pick them off before the break the glass?”

“We could wind down a little and shoot them in the head, one by one.” Ife replied

“We might run out of bullets before then,” Shalom countered “How about we spray the close ones and then make a run for it?”

“I’m not sure I want to part with all these resources.” Osas said calmly.

“Start the car again.” Ife said

“I’ve tried, it’s not starting.”

“Just try it again.”

Osas turned the key in the ignition with no result.

“See?” He said and then turned it again just for effect.

The car suddenly roared back to life.

Ife and Shalom screamed simultaneously while Osas put the car in reverse and backed up, running over tens of zombies. Ife started weeping; more out of joy than sorrow.

They made it onto the road with zombies swarming around them. Osas gently stepped on the accelerator and ploughed through the bodies, knowing that any sudden collisions could stall the engine again.

They made it out of the horde and began racing down the road. They passed by a pile up of vehicles that had crashed into one another, which explained the hundreds of zombies they had faced.

“Bolu is dead,” Ife said suddenly, tears streaming down her face “Aisha, Chris, Ify, they’re all dead.”

The men in the car didn’t know how to answer.

“We’ve all lost people.” Osas said, focused on the road ahead.

“Family and friends. Before I ran into Osas’ room in camp, I was in the mammy market with five people; Bolu, Ugo, Tade, Patrick, and David. Of those five, only two made it with me into Osas’ room; Bolu and Ugo. Ugo died in front of us. Bolu, just…” Shalom trailed off with a sigh.

“I’m sorry.” Ife whimpered.

“Don’t be. You’re not the one who killed them.” Osas replied.

“I don’t know about you guys but I’ve had enough of this bulls**t. I’m not going to allow these dirty things get me.” Shalom said, pain having turned into anger.

“Of course we’re with you. No one wants to die,” Osas replied “I’m just concerned about the psychological damage we might have suffered.”

“We’ll deal with PTSD when we get there. Right now, we’re going to your house. We’ll get supplies and hole up there.”

“And what if help doesn’t come?” Ife asked.

“I wasn’t banking on help coming.” Shalom answered coolly.

The End

Author’s Note

Thank you guys so much for the support. The fact that you’re reading this means a lot to me. God Bless!

The story is by no means over, we’ve merely arrived at the end of Part 1. Part 2 continues in 2015 with brand new characters and revelations so you may not want to miss that. I’m also imploring you guys to help publicize the work. I appreciate the RTs and favourites (which is more of a read later tactic but I forgive you) and I’m hoping you can do much more, such as using the link to the blog as your PM on BBM and as your status on other social media networks. I promise to work on my writing so as to present the story better to you guys. Thank you.

Btw, happy new year to you all and I pray that the absolutely opposite of the sorrow in this work is what follows you throughout the new year.

‘Laolu Oyedele

Crazy author and stalker.

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