Apocalypse: Chapter 3

The horde approached them, shuffling towards the group as quickly as their rigid body parts allowed. Backed up against the wall and cut off by a building and the same wall on the sides, Osas and co shook with fear. Suddenly, someone broke away from the group, yelling as he ran towards the zombie horde, wielding a large kitchen knife in his hand. He drove his knife into the first zombie he ran into. The metal breached the skull and felled the zombie instantly. He worked out the blade from the head of the dead one and slashed the throat of the next. The zombie bled but still approached him, jerking spasmodically, seemingly unaffected by the fatal blow he had delivered. He slashed at it again as two others began to stagger towards him, drawing the attention of the rest.
Osas watched in horror as the horde converged on the Corper. His screams were drowned out by the guttural groaning of the horde. Someone snapped him out of his shock.
“C’mon!” Shalom said as he pushed Osas in the direction the others were headed. Osas regained his composure and followed Shalom to the base of the wall where the rest were climbing discarded crates to scale it. The crates looked fragile but no one bothered to mention that.
Someone broke the glass shards that were used to line the top of the fence for extra security and laid his jacket on it. Jacket after jacket was added until it was safe to stand on and the group began scaling the wall and landing with various degrees of thumps on the other side.
At this point, the horde had finished their meal and had set their sights on the group once again, shuffling and staggering with blood stained lips towards the group. Shalom got atop the fence about to jump down when a loud crash caused him to look back. Osas lay in a heap on the floor. The crates had given way. With the horde approaching, death started to look inevitable.
“Get up man! Hurry up!” Shalom pleaded from the top of the wall.
Osas got up and a pain shot through his back. He ignored it and began stacking the crates again. He had them about 4feet high when Shalom’s shout caused him to turn back. The horde was close, too close for comfort.
He got on the crates and jumped. His fingers made contact with the wall and he hung on for his dear life. Using all of his strength, he pulled himself up and had swung his right leg to the top of the wall when something grabbed his other leg.
Osas could have sworn the zombie was 6feet 7inches tall. Towering above the rest with a blood stained NYSC shirt, it had grabbed his leg and was struggling to pull him down. Osas held on and wriggled his leg violently, trying to free himself. His strength began to wane and his grip on the wall began to weaken. He closed his eyes, awaiting the final tug.
The zombie let go suddenly and Osas instinctively climbed the fence. He rolled over it and fell 12 feet down into another Corper, breaking his fall. The Corper swore as she untangled herself from him. Osas opened his eyes and found Bolu staring at him, her face the perfect expression of relief. In the scene behind, Shalom’s silhouette threw stones at the zombies, supplied by the Corpers down below. Osas put two and two together and knew that he owed Shalom his life.
Shalom jumped down after a few moments, swearing repeatedly under his breath.
“To think that this morning this whole s**t sounded so far away, like when they reported Ebola in Senegal and Liberia.” He said.
“Thanks, I owe you.” Osas cut in, still lying on the floor.
“Smalls,” Shalom said evenly, hiding his pride at the heroics he just pulled. “Can you stand? You’re lying in dust bro.”
“I’ll be up in a second” Osas said sitting up.
“What next?” Someone asked. Shalom looked at Osas with expectant eyes.
Osas got up and the pain in his back intensified. He winced.
“Err, we need to find a jeep or a space-bus. That should take all of us. How many are we again?”
Someone counted.
“We were nine, but Chidi—” her voice trailed off and she broke down in tears.
“I’m sorry.” Shalom said, touching her shoulder.
They introduced themselves and then followed the wall of the barracks to find their way back to civilization, or what was left of it. Bolu called Osas aside as the rest continued ahead.
“Take off your shirt.” She ordered.
Osas gave her a puzzled look.
“There’s blood oozing from your back, take off your shirt,” She said “Were you bit?”
“No.” Osas replied taking off his shirt. The cold wind hit him hard and he shivered a little.
Bolu examined his back. “This may hurt.”
The pain was sharp. Osas struggled not to scream. Bolu showed him a sizeable piece of plastic that had been lodged in his back.
“That’s probably from when I fell off the crates.” He muttered, wearing his shirt back.
“You’re welcome.” She said and ran ahead to join the rest.
None of them was prepared for the chaos that greeted them as they got to the main road. Cars and buses filled one side of the roads, some empty, some bearing the remains of their owners. It seemed they had been trying to get out of the city. Bodies lay strewn around. A vehicle burned somewhere, illuminating the road in sepia tones, adding unreal effect to the sight. Shops were closed, the ones opened looked like battles had raged in them. A zombie wandered aimlessly in the distance.
“Let’s stay off the road and be quiet. Some of us should go and scout for a working car.” Osas said.
It seemed like the group looked to him and Shalom for leadership and he was grateful he wasn’t on his own.
“I think I can see a Range down there.” A guy who had introduced himself as Paul spoke, pointing down the road.
“The question is ‘will the key be there?’” Shalom replied.
“There’s only one way to find out.” Osas added and began a crouch-run towards the Range Rover. Shalom instructed the others to wait while he and Paul joined Osas.
Some zombies loitered around as Osas and co avoided them, moving quickly. They got to the Range Rover and found it unlocked, empty and with the key in the ignition. Osas couldn’t believe their luck and concluded that the owner must have left in a hurry. He got in and was about to start moving when he noticed Shalom and Paul continuing on down the road. He came down quickly and caught up.
“What on earth are you doing?” He asked, obviously confused.
“Why cram eight people into one car when we can have two?” Paul replied as Shalom pointed at a Nissan Murano three cars away from them.
Shalom spoke quietly as he continued towards the other car “Wait in the car, we’ll take off at the same time and pick up the rest.”
“What if it’s locked?” Osas asked.
  “There’s only one way to find out.” Paul replied with a smile, quoting Osas’ earlier comment.
Osas disliked him immediately.
To their delight, the Murano was in the same condition as the Range Rover. They now had two large vehicles. Osas studied the Range Rover. The interior was neat, minus his blood which had smeared the driver’s seat, and the car looked new. As Shalom pulled up in the Murano, Osas started the Range. He pulled out of the blockage and they crossed to the other side of the road where the others were waiting. Bolu slipped into the seat beside him and two more people followed into the back seats. The rest joined Shalom.
“So, who knows the route?” Osas asked the occupants of the car.
“Aisha does,” Bolu replied “She’s in the other car.”
As if on cue, Shalom turned the car around and headed in the opposite direction from the blockage. Osas followed suit, reckoning that it was probably safer to follow an alternate route and not head in the direction that was blocked.
They sped along and soon found themselves in the middle of town. A few houses still had power from generator sets but the rest of the city was in darkness. Osas wondered if those with power knew they should be trying to find safety instead of riding out the madness. Zombies wandered around aimlessly, turning their heads to the direction of the cars whenever they heard them. Osas and Shalom had to drive around a few to avoid knocking them down. Some struggled to get out of open drainages after stumbling into them. The whole scene was unreal and someone started crying at the back of the car. Osas looked at Bolu, noticing how she stared out of the window. Her glasses reflected light and he couldn’t tell where she was looking. They burst onto a large road and she recognized the route.
“This is it, we’re on the right road,” She said enthusiastically “We’ll see Zuma rock if we continue down this road before we get to Abuja.”
“That’s good news.”
“Yes, I live in Abuja. Hopefully my parents made it.”
Osas kept his thoughts to himself as they sped along. The world was going dark if the news on the internet was to be believed. Any situation that the US and China struggled to control, if experienced in Nigeria, was most likely going to be worse. Moreover, if Niger state was hit that bad, he could only imagine how bad Abuja was. For the time being he let her hope, after all, that was all they had left considering the world as they knew it was coming to an end.

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3 thoughts on “Apocalypse: Chapter 3

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  2. Lol Paul? I like him already. Let this story never end abeg


  3. Lmao! Paul. osas had better not die. and Aisha?? that’s a Nice. Lmfao!
    chilling for chapter 4 yo.


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