Apocalypse: Chapter 2

Osas ran as fast as he possibly could, given the circumstances. Shalom wasn’t far behind, letting out a string of profanities as he ran. The girl was some distance behind them but was still sufficiently ahead of the zombie horde to be out of their reach. They ran through a corridor and emerged on the route that led to the parade grounds. To their left, the gate of the camp loomed. It was however blocked by several hungry looking zombies who had undesirably become aware of their presence, rising slowly to join the hunt. Osas made a right turn and headed towards the barracks that housed the soldiers and that was when the extent of the carnage hit him.
Bodies lay strewn around, missing large portions of their torsos. Bones were exposed, limbs were broken. Some twitched on the ground where they lay, moaning and groaning the sound of impending death, and in some cases, the sound of death itself. Osas and co ran past the chaos towards the open gate of the barracks trying not to look at the remains of people in the hopes of retaining the contents of their stomachs.
“C’mon!” Osas beckoned to the girl as he and Shalom entered the barracks, getting poised to close the gate. She ran towards them and then fell flat. One of the zombies on the floor had grabbed her leg and wasn’t ready to let go. With all semblance of flesh missing from its legs, it couldn’t bring itself to stand and so resorted to crawling, desperate to snack on her legs. She kicked at it furiously, crying as she did, delaying her seemingly inevitable fate. The zombie was relentless; trying to raise what was left of its body to bite down as kick after kick rebuffed its attacks. Osas raced towards them and lashed out at the zombie with a vicious kick. It connected with a crunching sound, orange boot to the zombie’s skull. Momentum did its job effectively. The zombie let go of her leg instantly as it struggled to get its bearings. She got up quickly and followed Osas past the gate. Shalom closed it behind them and bolted it shut. They ran into the first open door they saw and shut it behind them, breathing heavily.
Osas leaned on the door, sweating profusely. His gaze met Shalom’s and they suddenly started laughing, more out of shock than humour.
“You’re Andrea Pirlo with your perfectly executed free kick.” Shalom said between breaths with a huge smile on his face, referring to Osas’ attack.
“Really? That’s what you have to say?” Osas replied with an equally huge shock induced smile plastered on his face.
The girl sat on the floor and leaned her back on the wall. She shivered a little as the surge of adrenaline within started to die down. Goose bumps appeared on her skin.
“Thank you, Osas.” She said quietly.
“You’re welcome, err-” Osas replied, not sure what her name was.
She filled in. “Bolu. My name is Bolu.”
“You’re welcome Bolu.”
A click was heard behind them. They turned around to see a soldier pointing an AK-47 rifle at them.
“If una move ehn, I go use bullet finish your destiny.” The soldier said scruffly. He didn’t appear to be joking. A huge scar ran across the left side of his face, dark skin and a tall muscular figure completed his bad ass appearance.
“We’re not zombies.” Osas said evenly.
He let out a throaty laughter. “Zom-wetin? Oh, na wetin una dey call those Bagas be that? You these bloody civilians ehn! Follow me.”
They set off through a series of doors that led them out into an open courtyard and then into another apartment. The apartment was filled with soldiers and other Corpers. The soldiers were loading and cleaning guns, speaking rapidly in Hausa. Osas, Shalom and Bolu huddled together in a corner and sat on the floor. The soldier that had brought them to the apartment suddenly got up to address everyone and the room immediately fell quiet.
“I know say no be everybody for here hear Hausa so I go speak pidgin. Make una listen wella to wetin I dey talk, you see those Bagas wey dey outside, dem no be person again. Our ogas don tell us say Government talk say make we kill all of dem, say if we no do am, na dem go kill us. All of us don see as dem don kill people. Dem even dey chop person. I no know where dem come from, but dem dey everywhere. We hear say na for Lagos dem plenty pass.”
Shalom’s eyes widened at the mention of Lagos. He had family there. Osas reached into his pocket and retrieved his phone. He turned it on and a slew of messages arrived. His parents had sent several texts. He opened the last one from his mom.
We’re about to board the helicopter. The soldiers said they’re taking us to a safe place. Please try to make it to Abuja before they leave. I love you. God be with you.
Osas let out a sigh of relief, his parents were safe. He wondered where they were going. The fact that Lagos had been overrun was unsurprising given its high population density. To his left, he noticed Shalom and Bolu going through their phones.
“For una wey go follow us, we go show una how to shoot. For una wey no go follow us, stay here.” The soldier finalised and began handing out guns to the Corpers who had shown interest in joining the soldiers to fight back. Osas started to rise to receive a gun but Shalom held his hand down, forcing him back into a sitting position.
“Don’t be a hero, Osas.” He warned.
“What are you talking about?”
“This is not a game, this is real life and in real life heroes don’t walk away from the fire or the explosion, heroes get obituaries, full page obituaries in Punch.”
“I’ll be with the soldiers, I’ll be fine.”
“No you won’t,” Bolu cut in “These things have overrun the military in 30 different African countries. They’ve been sighted in all the continents in the world. China is barely standing, the US is struggling. If it were that easy to kill them, we wouldn’t have this nonsense on our hands.”
Osas observed the phone in her hands. She’d checked the internet and apparently, the news wasn’t good.
“That said, I’m not entirely sure these guys will make it back here. We should plan how we’re going to get to Abuja.” Shalom added icily.
“What’s happening in Abuja?” Bolu asked.
“They’re evacuating people there. My mom sent me a text. That’s the closest evacuation point to us, I think.” Osas replied.
The last of the soldiers walked out and the door was shut behind them leaving only 8 Corpers including Osas in the apartment.
In a matter of minutes, the gun fire began.
“If we’re going to leave we have to leave now.” Shalom said, getting up to look through the window. He couldn’t see the gate as his view was blocked by an entire block of apartments.
“Where are you guys going?” A Corper in the room asked?
“Away from here. There’s an evacuation going on in Abuja. We’re going there.” Osas replied.
Some of the Corpers began to argue, believing it was better to wait for the soldiers to arrive. Some opted to follow Osas, rising up to join him. They had barely risen up when the gunfire ceased suddenly.
“You can wait, we’re leaving now.” Shalom said, grabbing a flash light that was on the table.
Osas opened the door and stepped into the cold night, goose bumps appeared on his skin almost immediately. He still had dust in his mouth from running, the effects of the harmattan season. Bolu joined him and handed him a kitchen knife. The others that had opted to follow joined them outside.
“Okay, the plan is to get out of the barracks, find a car and drive to Abuja. It’s about two hours away if we drive,” Osas said to the group. “Who knows the route?”
“I do.” A girl replied.
“Alright then, let’s go.”
“Wait,” Shalom cut in “Before we go, listen to this. Do not get bitten. You become infected when they bite you or if their blood gets into your blood stream. At least that’s what reports are saying.”
He was about to continue when a scream tore through the night. A soldier was staggering towards them, bloody and missing his gun and an arm.
“RUN!” he screamed “RU–”
A zombie pulled him down and sunk its teeth into his neck. Another one joined tearing his uniform to get to his skin and in moments, a horde was approaching them, coming out from different corridors.
“Shit!” Osas swore under his breath as the group began running in the only direction zombie free. The zombies followed, lumbering slowly behind them, unable to catch up.
“Oh! For the love of God!” Shalom said causing Osas to look up.
Ahead of them stood a 12 foot wall that blocked off the barracks effectively keeping them in. Behind them was a hungry horde of zombies.
“We’re trapped!” He said.

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3 thoughts on “Apocalypse: Chapter 2

  1. Once more, fantastic piece. Imagery is very stimulating. Eager for the next one. Now would be nice to introduce the test of the crew. #psychaccordingtoplan


    1. Lol. Thank you bruh. I do have to ask tho, how would you feel about me killing you off? Cause anyone can go at anytime lol


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