She: Episode 9 (Final Episode)

The rain fell relentlessly. Grey clouds hung in the sky as the ground soaked to its fill. Jonathan closed his umbrella and made his way into the living room. Mrs Ola Bruce sat on a sofa, looking dejected, her mind lost in thought. She looked up and saw the young man coming in.

“Good morning ma.”

“Good morning Jonathan, how are you?”

“I’m fine ma. I hope you’re taking things easy.”

“I can only try,” She sighed “This has been a very wonderful week.”

Jonathan liked her positivity.

“God has everything in control ma. Everything will turn out fine. It all works together for our good.”

“Indeed it does.”

A groan was heard along with a tapping sound. Simi made her way into the living room, crutches supporting her weight and a bandage wrapped around her head.

“You look terrible.” Jonathan said jokingly.

“Thank you.” She replied, voice heavily laden with sarcasm.

The older woman in the room shifted to the side, making room for the younger lady to gingerly settle into the sofa beside her.

“How are you feeling?” Jonathan asked.

“Minus the pounding headache and sore limbs, I’m as fit as a fiddle.”

“That’s because you’ve refused to take your drugs.” Her mother interjected.

“And I’m never going to. Did I die? Why should I have to take so many drugs?”

“I think it’s for your own good, Simi.” Jonathan said “If you’re in pain, take the aspirin and feel better. In the end, we can’t feel better for you.”

Simi groaned and then conceded defeat. She shuffled back to her feet and limped away to get her medication.

Jonathan turned to her mother.

“How is your husband ma?”

“He’s fine. He just won a court case so everything is starting to get better now.”

“And Simi?”

“She’s starting to warm up to him. She’s definitely not icy towards him anymore. He was the first person she saw after waking up from the coma.”

It took all of Jonathan’s will power to stop him from correcting the woman. Her daughter was only sedated for a day. He could however understand her fear.

“Another thing I’ve noticed is that she’s now more serious with God. Her bible is now always beside her bed, sometimes open. Verses are highlighted, she’s studying.”

“That’s good news ma. I guess we never really remain the same after close shaves with death. Its important that you love her unconditionally now. I’m not saying don’t correct or discipline her, I’m only saying love her. This family will be one again, sorry, is one again.”

“Amen, thank you Jonathan. Are you sure you’re not going into ministry? I wouldn’t mind coming to your church.”

Jonathan laughed.

“I’m not ma. Ministry is work and I’m kinda lazy in that sense.”

Unknown to them, Simi could hear everything they were saying. She however couldn’t bring herself to smile as guilt hung over her. It was true that she’d been seriously going through the scriptures, but she was also deep in thought, worrisome thoughts.

After waking up from her unconsciousness, painfully patching things up with her dad and forgiving him, the doctor ran comprehensive tests on her. Results showed that she was healthy and there was no damage to her internal organs, a miracle considering her car was a total write off. Her family celebrated and thanked God for the good news. While they celebrated, the doctor had a private moment with Simi where he showed her a result he had kept away from the initial results.

Standing at the base of the stairs, crutches in both hands, Simi wondered how to tell her mom she was pregnant.


The End.



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4 thoughts on “She: Episode 9 (Final Episode)

  1. This is not fair olaolu, why do u av to end it like this 😭😭😭.


    1. Loool.. such is life my dear… 😂


  2. Epic end :D…so you leave us all to think “what happens next?”. For me because of the kind of radical/renegade person simi is she’ll probably run away again with Jonathan of course to keep the child.
    now that she’s more pious, she’ll stay at home keep the child, but that jonathan guy will still marry her.
    Thank you for this story 😀


  3. Epic story..this is so amazing..more increase in jesus name….


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