She: Episode 4

August 2014

Simi lay on her bed, curled up like a ball, crying silently. She wasn’t completely sure what the reason was but crying seemed like the appropriate response for the events of the day. It was already 8pm but her mother wasn’t back yet. She’d sent a text explaining that she’d be working late and so Simi was alone at home with Izzy and the gate man.

Izzy sat beside her on the bed, quietly stroking her hair. She’d cried too as she felt responsible for the calamitous display of ego and alcohol that ensued between Andy and the other guy Simi said was once in their class but didn’t quite fit the image she had in her mind. She had tried to comfort Simi but didn’t quite achieve what she sought to. Her head throbbed with a dull ache and she wondered if the happenings were part of the pastor’s prediction.

Simi picked up her phone and stared at the screen. None of the notifications interested her. She had been anticipating Jonathan’s phone call since they got back at around 5:30pm. She’d been waiting for him to call her and tell her he was alright. She’d been waiting for him to tell her Andy didn’t follow through with the contents of his drunk-text. She rolled onto her other side and hugged her pillow tightly.

Izzy left the room and returned with a cup of juice. She didn’t know what else to do and felt relieved when her friend accepted the cup from her, drowning the content rapidly. Simi appreciated the juice, appreciating Izzy’s efforts at cheering her up.

The phone vibrated on the bed, Beyoncé belting out that she ran the world through the ringtone. Simi looked at the unknown phone number and immediately knew it was Jonathan. She composed herself and picked up the phone.

“Hello?” She said, grimacing at how weak her voice sounded to her.

“Hello? Um, I’d like to talk to Simisola please.”

She found herself liking his calm and composed voice even more.

“Yeah, who am I speaking to?”

“It’s Jonathan, we had lunch today.”

“Hey! What’s up?” She struggled to compose her voice.

“I’m good. Are you okay?” He inquired “You sound a little bit…off.”

“I’m fine.” She lied.

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, I really am.”

“Okay, but If it’s about today, just forget about it, I’m not judging you. Ha-ha!”

She conjured up a laugh from somewhere.

“But really Simi, you don’t sound so good to me. Are you sure you don’t want to talk about it?”

He was unrelenting. She paused for a second, trying to assess the situation, then she answered after a deep sigh.

“Did Andy say anything to you after we left?” She asked.

“I’m guessing Andy is the fair skinned guy right?”


“Not exactly. He found me somehow in the parking lot and tried to attack me,” Jonathan said matter-of-factly “He was however too drunk to do any damage.”

“Oh, okay. Is that all that happened?”

“Yeah, we’re cool now though. I explained everything to him so you guys should be cool.”

“I doubt that.” The words left her mouth before she could stop them.

“Oh? Um, Can I ask why?”

Simi wondered how she was going to evade his question.

“You can but I’d rather you didn’t.”

“Alright then. Take care of yourself,” He said “I really hope I can see you again.”

“Yeah, me too.” She coolly replied and immediately wondered what was wrong with her mouth and brain.

You’re leading him on girl! Stop it now!

“Good night then, sleep tight.”

She hung up and Izzy exploded into a high pitched screech.

“What on earth was that?” Izzy inquired with a wide grin on her face. “It was him right?”

Simi found herself blushing. She knew she shouldn’t be blushing but she had stepped into a wellspring of emotions whose flow she was certain she couldn’t stop.

“What about Andy?” Izzy questioned.

The question brought her back to reality. Another question emerged within her.

How do you deal with a misbehaving and potentially abusive boyfriend?

She sighed deeply.

“I really don’t know anymore. I’ve been unsure about this whole Andy situation for a while now.”

“There’s an Andy situation?” Izzy looked puzzled.

“Kind of. I’ve been feeling somehow about him, like there’s a way darker side to him than he lets on.”

“Simisola, why do you do this to yourself? He made a mistake, he got drunk and misbehaved.”

“Do you know anyone else on earth who gets drunk at 3 in the afternoon?”

“I do. Me.”

“You were tipsy, and so was Tobi,” She said getting up to place her pillow on the head rest “Andy was full-blown drunk.”

“Look, you might think I’m defending him. Okay, I AM defending him but that’s only because I know how great you guys are together.”

“I used to think so too, but looking back in retrospect now, our fights have revolved round his drinking and violent outbursts, of which I was at the receiving end today.”

“Simisola, you—”

They were interrupted by the buzzing of her phone. The name “ANDY” flashed on the screen. The girls looked at each other and then back at phone.

“Pick it up.” Izzy said

“No way!”

“Don’t make things any worse Simi, just pick up the phone.”

“I’m not picking it up, besides he’s probably still drunk. I don’t want to talk to him like that.”

“True that. I get you now.”

They watched the phone ring repeatedly over the space of several minutes till Simisola was sick of Beyoncé running the world. She switched off the phone and lay on the bed, drifting off into a fitful sleep plagued with dreams of Andy and Jonathan going head in a boxing ring and a Vampire Andy sucking her dry.

She woke at 5am the next day.

Plodding aimlessly round the house in her pyjamas, she settled finally on the dining table. She opened a tub of Nutella and began spooning the contents into her mouth, wondering what effect it was going to have on her waistline. Her mother joined her at the table at 6:30am.

They talked about random topics and a possible December vacation to South Africa. Simi connected to her mother more than anyone else and it wasn’t long till she had the urge to ask for some motherly advice.

“I have a friend who is in a relationship with a guy who was cool at first, but we’ve seen that he might be abusive,” She began “She asked me for advice and I didn’t know what to say to her.”

“My dear, an abusive or potentially abusive boy is a No-No by every stretch of the imagination. It never ends there.”

“Never ends where?”

“I mean it doesn’t end during the dating period. If a boy hits you before you get married, he’ll most likely hit you after you’re married.”

“Does this happen every time?”

“Maybe not every time, but every case I have seen is the same,” The older lady asserted “I’m going to see your uncle today, do you want to come?”

“Nah, I’ll pass, besides Izzy might kill me if I make her go.”

“Oh that’s true. She’s still around.”

Simi left the table knowing fully well what she had to do.  When the name Andy flashed across the phone’s screen a couple of hours later, Simi picked it up with an icy resolve.


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