It was a cold night for Christmas Eve in Lagos. The brutal afternoon heat had been replaced a chilly breeze that swept through the city. Very much unlike the weather, the people were in merry spirits, drinking and dancing to the Afro-Pop tunes of their favourite artistes. Everything was perfect; there was even power throughout the city. There was no need for generators or inverters. With a few hours to Christmas, the people were in buoyant moods and all was well in the world.

On the outskirts of the city however, the case was reversed. There was no power, no singing or dancing or merry making. There was only a crushing fear that the armed robbers prowling the streets would find their way, through locked doors and barred windows, into their homes; a fear that was reality for Mr Wale Olayemi.
Wale had come back from his office that afternoon with two chickens he planned to enjoy with his wife, Jessica and their daughter, Seun. They had spent the rest of the afternoon quietly enjoying their meal and watching a movie, before gun shots had them locking the doors and windows and hiding in a room. Before long, the armed robbers’ destination was clear; it was their house.
Wale watched in horror as the armed robbers scaled the wall expertly, before breaking down the front door with sledge hammers.
“Who dey dis house!?” One of them bellowed
Wale, fearful and apprehensive, emerged from the room. He noticed they were four in number, all armed to the teeth. They weren’t with fake guns and they weren’t joking.
“So na you be the millionaire for this street abi?” One with a scar said
“No sir, I’m just a normal worker.” Wale replied shaking.
“Ehen, wey the other people wey dey this house?” Another robber, with a blue bandana, asked.
“It’s just me, my wife and our daughter. Please don’t hurt us” Wale pleaded
“Don’t hurt wetin? You think say na English class we dey? Bring them out now!” The one with the scar bellowed.
Jessica came out slowly with Seun clinging to her side. The four year old girl was terrified.
“See dis fine lady o. Oya all of you lie down flat!” Another robber said.
Wale and his family obliged, only for Seun to get back up to her feet.
“Seun, lie down!” Her mother said amidst tears, but the pleading fell on deaf ears.
Seun walked up to the robber with the scar and looked at him intently; her eye brows arced up in an inquisitive glare.
“You wan tell me something?” He asked causing an eruption of laughter from his team mates.
The laughter subsided after a few seconds and then Seun spoke up.
“Santa Claus is going to kill you.”
The ensuing silence quickly transformed into even harder laughter from the robbers. Wale wasn’t laughing, he knew what she was talking about and it wasn’t something he and his wife liked to acknowledge, remember or even think about.
One of the robbers raised his hand to smack Seun and the unbelievable happened.
In an instant, the generator went off and the house was cast into pitch blackness.
The robber with the scar could have sworn he saw glowing red eyes before the blood cuddling scream of who he sure was Sule hit him.
A warm liquid splashed on another robber’s face as the screaming stopped abruptly, sending a warm chill through his spine.
Another robber felt a coarse hand grab him. He swore and grabbed the hand only to feel his bones start breaking. He opened his mouth to scream but felt another hand covering his mouth, resulting in a muffled groan. The hand applied some force and his neck was snapped.
The robber with the scar heard the muffled groan and decided that he had had enough. He open fire with his Semi-Automatic and sprayed the room with bullets, each shot lighting up the room with its sparks.
As his ammo finished, the generator sputtered back to life and the living room was flooded with light. The robber with the scar looked on in horror at the carnage in front of him.
Sule’s blue bandana lay at his feet, while the mangled body of his friend lay in a corner of the living room. Another body lay on the sofa, the neck and head facing the opposite direction. The third body was in front of the door, riddled with bullets he was sure was his.
Unable to believe what he was seeing, he turned around only to come face to face with a monstrosity that could only have come from nightmares. Huge fangs were only inches from his face. Red scales covered the creature’s body and huge claws adorned huge arms.
In a flash, he was gone, his blood spraying the TV red. The creature turned around and looked at Wale and Jessica. Their eyes were closed and they were shaking on the floor. The creature slowly shrunk down in size, till it became Seun again.
“I told them Santa Claus was going to kill them…”
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8 thoughts on “Santa

  1. Great Story!!!! Wow!


    1. beautiful story, ain’t it?


  2. this shit crayy my nigga!


  3. Crazy and scary,nyc imagination tho.


  4. Oh my days!!! What was she?? Nice story tho 🙂


  5. any comment i would leave now would be too mainstream. ‘snice tho


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