“Oh Braki Braki Shaba Naba Naba!!” The Prophet prayed, speaking in other tongues and hopping from leg to leg like a possessed man. He had been hopping round a girl who knelt down in the middle of a ring formed by people and consisted of the girl’s parents and the Prophet’s assistants. The girl, with her eyes wide open, gave no evidence to suggest that the prayers were effectual. She looked tired, angry and embarrassed all at once. This was her fourth deliverance session of the year and was unlikely to be her last.
Her name was Linda and she was psychic; at least that was what she found out on the internet as an explanation for what she could do. For as far back as she could remember she had been able to move objects just by thinking about it. The mind reading came later, when she was about 10 years old. At first, her parents tried to deny the existence of such abilities in their daughter, but after several incidents of mega proportions (such as the levitation of the school bully and the breaking of windows during a hospital check-up), they decided to seek help. Being devout Christians, the church was the first point of call. Pastor after pastor prayed for deliverance after deliverance but the ability didn’t go away. Linda would sometimes unconsciously answer the thoughts in people’s heads. She had even at one time exposed all the dirty secrets of a deliverance pastor. The man looked stunned and promptly ended the deliverance session. When it seemed that the church wasn’t providing the solution, they turned to science. The doctors found nothing spectacular in her blood and simply dismissed her parents’ fears as superstitions. When science yielded no results, they turned right back to the church.
Over the years, Linda became shy and introverted. Her contact with people was kept to the barest minimum. She was home schooled by her mother, who was fortunately a teacher. Dark circles appeared round her eyes, which added to her mystic look. Her hair grew longer and reached her back. Her eyes changed in colour to an odd shade of golden brown. Her skin smoothened and almost seemed to glow. She became oddly beautiful. With these changes came an increase in deliverance sessions, fasting and prayers as her parents were convinced that a mammy water spirit was behind it all. Linda learnt how to act like something was indeed leaving her so that the prayers could end quickly. If there was truly something inside her, their prayers weren’t effective because the only thing she felt was anger at the noise they made and the saliva that flew around. She would roll and scream and then keep quiet and then the pastor or prophet would end the prayers and declare her deliverance. Some would collect money, some wouldn’t. She would go back home and try her best to keep it hidden and then she would mistakenly react to someone’s thought or pass out in a crowded place because of the sheer number of thoughts that plagued her mind. Then she would be taken to another pastor and then the cycle would continue.
While everyone prayed, all Linda could think about was Richard, the boy who lived two houses away from her. She had seen him walk past her house many times before she summoned up enough courage to go out of the house, breaking her parents’ rule, and wave to him. Richard, slightly flustered had waved back and it continued that way for some weeks. Her parents were never around when he walked past every day so Linda was free to do whatever she liked. She would apply make-up and spray perfume before going out of the house to stand in front of the gate. Sometimes she would pretend she was throwing away the garbage, at other times, she would act like she was looking for someone. One day, he walked up to her and struck up a conversation. With him, she seemed to lose every ounce of shyness. It continued for a few more days until she invited him in. Then she started inviting him in regularly and he became her company in a dark world. They would talk for hours and not run out of what to say because she knew everything he was thinking about. Then she would bundle him out of her house just before her parents came back and he would promise to come back the next day. In a matter of days, he had slept with her. It was an idea in his head that she latched on to and blushed at the thought of it. He had seen her lower her head and that gave him the confidence to suggest it. The rest, they say, is history. From then on, he had been on her mind, every hour of every day. She hadn’t told him about her abilities yet but she planned to. He was her world, her earth, her sky. He was the fragrance she smelt in her sweet dreams, the flavour she tasted when the sun rose into a blue sky. He was everything to her. The thought made her smile. However, at the moment, she had to contend with the deliverance session. She was too tired to even pretend.
“Laki Boka Nato Sata!!!” The prophet ranted on “Aha! Yes Lord!!!”
Everyone stopped praying and turned to look at the prophet.
“Sister Sade, please bring the cane.” He said
Linda paused for a moment at the mention of cane. She didn’t like the sound of it.
“Brother Wale, please tie her down.” The prophet added.
Linda was horrified
“Is that really necessary prophet?” She asked quietly because she knew loud was equated to evil spirit. He wasn’t even a proper prophet. He was a fraud, like 80% of the prophets they had met. She knew all this from his thoughts about how much he was going to charge them and how he was going to lay “sister” Sade afterwards.
“Brother” Wale came forward with a rope in his hand and Linda went berserk.
“If you dare touch me with that rope you false prophet!!!”
“Tie her!!! It is an accusing spirit!!!”
Accusing what?
The “brother” continued towards her and Linda lost it completely. With a flex of her mind, she pushed him. They only saw him fly backwards like a Chinese action movie character, there was no contact. She grabbed the rope, still with her mind, and bound him with it, rolling it several times around him. She looked around at the horrified expression on her parents’ faces. They had just seen the rope lift itself and tie someone.
Linda suddenly felt a sting on her back and recoiled from it. She turned around and saw the “sister” and the prophet armed with canes. The “sister” lifted her hand to deliver another strike but Linda instinctively grabbed the hand. The woman looked dazed, unable to bring her hand down. It was held there by some invisible force she was unable to break loose from. Linda continued to lift her with her raised arm and then dropped her from about 15feet in the air. They all heard the bones break. The prophet tried to make a run for it but Linda flexed her mind again and grabbed his legs. He fell face flat. She picked him up and turned him around to face her.
“You pig! How dare you!” She screamed “Do you even have a heart?”
With that she flung him away. She was about to go when she suddenly had another idea. She turned and faced him and then flexed her mind again. She felt the invisible force cross the distance between them. She felt his coarse skin and pushed further, gently. She could feel it enter his skin, feel his blood flowing through his veins. She concentrated and followed the thumping sound to his heart, located it and grabbed it. The prophet froze, clutched at his chest and doubled over, unable to scream. His heart had just stopped beating in deep pain.
“Linda! Please stop!” Her mother cried.
Linda stopped and then faced her mother. The prophet fell down in a heap.
“You! Have you even stopped to consider whether I’m really possessed or not. Did you stop to think if there was actually a scientific explanation for this! You could have contacted foreign scientists who would have run comprehensive tests on me!” She screamed. Her father was quiet.
“I am not possessed. This ability I have is not spiritual,” She continued “I just want to go home.”
Linda knelt down and wept. Her mother approached her cautiously and then hugged her.
“Let’s go home.” She said.
They left the church, leaving the prophet and his people writhing in pain and discomfort.
On getting home, Linda with her new found freedom marched down the street to Richard’s house with her head held up. She was ready to tell him everything. There would be no secrets. She could visualize herself getting married to him and having children. She was ready to reveal everything, every story, every fear, every pain she had held secret to him.
She could feel the breeze, the colours of the world. She figured that it was love. Love like no other.
She got to his house and pushed open the gate.
She froze.
Sitting in a plastic chair with a girl comfortably seated in his laps was Richard, looking extremely pleased.
He looked up and was startled.
“Linda? What are you doing here?”
“I came to see you- who is she?”
“Err, she’s a friend.” Richard stuttered.
“Friend? I’m your friend?” The girl asked with a glare that showed her disbelief “Why don’t you want to tell her I’m your girlfriend?”
Linda looked shell shocked. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing.
“Linda, I never wanted to hurt you,” Richard said “and besides, I never really did ask you out.”
At that moment, all of his thoughts and intentions flooded her mind. His dirty desires and the lie he just told her were at the fore front. His plan to use both her and the other girl for his pleasure shocked and hurt her. She knew immediately that her emotions had prevented her from discovering his true intentions earlier. They were always there but her mind didn’t register it. Linda felt used and cheated and reacted.
Binge eating would have been a more suitable response to her pain, but with the ability she possessed, Linda took it to a whole new level.
She flexed her mind, pushing the invisible force and rammed it into the girl. The she picked the girl up and crashed her into Richard. Richard screamed like a baby. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He had heard rumours about the girl down the street being possessed but he hadn’t believed it.
Linda picked the girl up once again.
“I will teach you not to take what doesn’t belong to you” She said and with that, she began pulling on the girls limbs.
There was a sucking sound as joints were removed from their sockets, coupled with a blood cuddling scream that brought neighbours running. They arrived in time to see a girl, suspended in the air, with her limbs ripped off her body. Linda turned to face them with the face of a killer, a wry smile on her face proclaiming her responsibility. Before they could react, Linda reached into their heads and pushed, causing cerebral haemorrhaging in multiple heads.
Richard struggled to get to his feet but found himself unable to move.
“Where do you think you’re going to?” She asked coyly.
She walked slowly towards him gracefully, moving her hips from side to side like she was trying to seduce him.
“Linda, I beg you in the name of God Almighty, please don’t kill me.” Richard wept.
“It’s too late for that now,” She said tracing her finger up his belly to his chest as she ripped his shirt off him “after all; you’ve had fun with me.”
She tugged at his trousers and rendered him naked as it fell under her power.
“You were my first, did you know that?” She asked
He mumbled an answer in fear and she broke a toe. Richard screamed in agony.
“Answer me when I talk to you young man.”
“Yes!” He cried.
She broke another toe.
“Take it like a man. You’re a strong man, handling two girls.”
Another toe followed, and then another until she had totally disfigured his leg.
Linda liked the cracking sound his bones made as she broke them and so she continued upwards, breaking his knee cap, ribs, collar bone and the likes. She had lost her mind completely.
His naked body lay limp on the ground when she finally dropped him, all his bones broken in his body.
Linda looked around, and with no other target in sight, she left. Walking down the street, she ripped the electric cables from their poles and sent them flying into homes through windows and doors. Fires started and people were fried.
She felt like a god. With a smile that could only be found on the face of a deranged killer, she strutted down the road, past her house and was never seen again.

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